Manual cache - Crash to desktop

I’m having problems downloading manual cache its been fine couple weeks ago but now it crashes to desktop. I’ve tried deleting the area that I’m trying to get (Zurich) and do it again but doesn’t help.
also took out the 3rd party addons from community folder still with no results.

I’m trying to download London and have the same result. When download starts, the game immediately crashes.

does anybody know if the manual cache is working? i cant seem to get it to work…
its impossible to download in medium and high
downloading stops and never finishes, and also, i cant stop the process (it gets stuck at “aborting” and nothing happens)

My experience is that rollin cache works for me, last week i have it on an external 1tb ssd m2 nvme i bought specially for this cache feature which i use exclusive for cache i created a map specially rolling cache 45gb which i can expand if i want. But i started when i reserved on an old sata ssd disk
With lower specs.

It seems to work on photogrammetry or tin area as i see good action on the ssd in taskmanager
With building cachefile and also when playing in sim and cache start working when flying into these photogrammetry or tin area.
I made video of it on vienna city area and was made by me in beta on this old sata ssd apart from msfs installation on the same pc

Today i have this m2 ssd which is faster but i have not yet made a video of it

setup a directory on this older ssd for manual cache and have some parts of london scenery
It downloaded these part regions and sit there

Im not yet sure if manual cache works as offline maps or that it sets in permanent or so but im still experiment with this, if i find any of intrest i will post/report it here.

Forgot to add in above post
Check also what it does to your internet and see there is lots of mbit got downloaded during the flight
Difference is seen when turn rolling cache to off during flight and network activity slows down to kb


I did a similar experiment and, as you, I established that the rolling cache indeed seems to work,… unfortunately it causes stutters when it becomes full. So I gave the manual cache a try… and ran into this problem.

Luckily, London was one of the cities I was trying to download, and it didnt work for me. So, you can confirm that london worked fine for you? in “high” quality? or medium or low?