Many white liveries with FSLT?

Shouldnt that fix the white livery problem and FSLT advertise with more than 1900 liveries? FSLT is up to date but since yesterday I got nearly only white liveries.


A Southwest Concord? :rofl: That would be quite an addition to their fleet.

If you didn’t do that on purpose, I would guess there’s an issue with your install. I would remove and reinstall through the FBW installer.

Is that’s no good, their Discord is super helpful.

At another Airport (this time Dallas) it is better but there are still too many white liveries. I will test reinstall FSLTL and see what it will be like then.
The Southwest Concorde is which I choose for a test flight :wink:

Check out the Livery Issue section on their FAQ as well.

THX I already watched them. But I dont understand why should I disable white liveries if they nevertheless appear? I already disabled the white livery since it is one of my most hated things in MSFS2020 … but it still appears.

I have the same issue, white livery’s turned off, but they still appear.


It is better but I still get white liveries.

At least this feature should work out. Otherwise they should not offer it.

You can review the injector log, if you are adept at doing so, and it will tell you the reason for any particular white livery.

If you are not able to do so, you can post the injector log on their Discord and a dev will tell you what’s going on.

Time/PlaneID/aircraft type/route/id ???/
Which of these tell me about livery?
Where do I find the injector log?

Check the FAQ again. It’s covered in the “Troubleshooting” section.