Map filters, ATC Ai settings, Joystick sensitivity (not saved correctly)

Not sure how to fix these problems; the filter settings is kind of NEVER saved. I have to select the filters over and over when I play. Could I delete this file, thats obvious corrup or will it be downloaded automaticly again from the cloud (with same errors).

Also - the ATC Ai (that handles ATC automatically) seem to turn of from time to time as well.

Last but not least - The Joystick sensitivity settings seem to live a life of its own. Suddenly there are numbers I have not put in myself. Also, the joystick movements are not correct from the sim. Have to unplug and replug it.

What could be causing this?

To save filters:

It is not uncommon for sim updates to randomly change user settings.
Have you tried recalibrating the joystick?

So these filters are not (not intended to be) saved when exiting the map window? =P

That is correct, at least for now.
You will also have to re-do this everytime there is a sim update, as it will overwrite them.

There is this wishlist item you may want to see and vote on: