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I’ve been trying to find out how FS2020 displays VORS, NDBs on the Flight Map when creating a flightplan. I want to use VORs and NDBs when creating a flightplan, but can’t figure out how to get them to appear on the map to select them. I turned the “NAVAIDS” option on in the Set Filter dialogue, but nothing other than Airports and Waypoints appear.


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Have you tried zooming in ? Some items only appear in detail when zoomed in.

Yes, you have to zoom in quite a bit. I do not like that VOR’s and LOC symbols are the same. The Flight Planning map is really quite primitive and difficult compared to any other map in past or current sims. I hope it gets some attention soon. (Not to mention that those details should be visible in flight as well).


As others said, you have to zoom right in to see the nav aids. Otherwise, the view looks just like the default at wider angles.

You might want to consider an external flight planner like Little Nav Map, which will read whatever NavData the sim is currently set to - i.e., NavBlue default or Navigraph. It’s so much easier to do it that way, and the fact that LNM looks and feels like a sectional with navigational overlays that you can turn on and off (VORs, NDBs, GPS Nav Points, airways, airspaces etc.), you’ll never go back to the Flight Planner in-sim except to load the Flight Plan you created externally and hit Fly Now.

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Thanks for your input guys.

I have been middling with MS FP a bit and found one other thing you must do. That is to make sure that the Navigation options you want must be turned “On”. That allows the the VOR and NDB NavAIds appear. Although it works, you really have to zoom in to get them ar.

As for LNM, I use FSTramp which does a good job as well.

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if ASOBO does anything to change the current Flight Planner.

The navigation options you mention have to be set every time the simulator is started. The settings are not remembered between sessions. I seem to remember that this has been raised with Asobo but I have not seen a possible fix date mentioned. For now you have to make it part of your routine to turn them on every time. Use the F key and scroll down …

You can edit the XML-file. Change the value from OFF to ON. I also changed the CLOUDS to OFF

What is the filename of the xml file? Thanks

I too am a fan of littleNavMap. Once you become “undaunted” by all the available options, it is a great tool.


It’s located in your installation folder (something like) C:\Program Files\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Official\OneStore\fs-base\worldmap: WorldmapFilters.xml. Go to this section:


and change the value OFF to ON. For the clouds you change it from CLOUDS to OFF


Yes, the map in the flight planner is rather basic, and what’s more, I’ve been missing a good in-flight map from day one. No way of looking up VOR or ILS frequencies during flight, it works to a certain extent using the glass cockpit though, but due to the limitations of the G1000 in MSFS, this isn’t a great solution.

Anyway, since I started using LittleNavMap, I am a happy simmer and almost forgot how much the default maps in MSFS leave to be desired. LNM is a fantastic tool, as are the mods by WorkingTitle for improving the glass cockpits. Great news (well, it’s old news already, but anyway…) WT is now working for Asobo/MS and bringing their improved Garmin suites to the default version of MSFS.

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Let’s hope that once Working Title get their work fully integrated into the sim that this will be a thing of the past. In modern glass cockpits (even in the old GNS), you should be able to easily look up any radio frequency. The functionality is there in terms of the Garmin units, but the way the sim currently handles the frequency names makes this imposssible, as the frequency names don’t tell you exactly what they are for the most part.

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