Map Images Very Outdated Western Las Vegas Nevada USA

While flying around western Las Vegas NV, USA, I noticed that Downtown Summerlin Mall looks like a construction zone. The shopping mall in that construction zone opened in 2014.

Google maps has an up to date image.

Also, I just checked. Bing maps has up to date imagery. See below.

How is it possible that Bing is up to date, and the sim is years behind?

Couple of things, first the bing map data has to be provided to Asobo’s consulting team, then it has to go through extensive corrections for items like color balance, projection, edge bleed, ect.
Also, this area of bing maps itself was only updated this year (it even says so right on your image).
So, your comment about ‘years behind’, yeah - I dont think so. More like maybe months if not days.

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You are right and I was wrong. Actually, forgive my rant. I just went back and double checked. I must have been looking in the wrong area. I have asked for this topic to be removed.

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Topic closed by OP request.