Mapping cockpit interaction axes to VBK Gladiator NXT ministick

I’m trying to map the mouse cockpit interaction controls to the ministick on my VKB gladiator NXT. I mapped “cockpit interaction” x and y axes to the stick just fine, and I can see it detecting the input in the game, but when I go to actually use it in a cockpit, nothing happens. I looked at the mouse mapping, and it seems like these are the controls that need to be mapped. Is there any trick to getting this to work? My ultimate goal is to be able get all the mouse functionality mapped to my HOTAS setup (an NXT and TWCS), so I don’t need to grab a keyboard or mouse when I’m flying in VR.

So the answer that got me most of the way there is use program the ministick as a mouse, following the instructions here. This is specific to the gladiator NXT though, because you need to use the VKB configuration software to do it.

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