Mapping fuel switches/cutoff?

Can anyone tell me which control to map to toggle the fuel selector in the sim? I am talking about the toggle used during engine start.


Under Controls, Keyboard, change the Filter to “ALL”.
Type “fuel” in the SEARCH BY NAME field, and then click on EXPAND / COLLAPSE ALL search field and every possible function will be listed with the word fuel in it.
There are literally over 50 switch options involving “fuel”, so you’ll need to find the ones for your requirement. You can type Fuel Selector to narrow the search results.
You can then chose your device if you want to map it to a button etc…

Thanks, I tried that already to no avail. I’ll just have to do trial and error and map every fuel switch and then use a process of elimination. Wish it wasn’t that difficult. Wish it would show the same name in cockpit display as in the controls section.

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Hello, Can you tell me which one I have to use. I have the same problem.

Any update on this

“Toggle All Fuel Vales” has worked for me in terms of mapping fuel valves (although not the cutoff switch) for the default Asobo airplanes. Is that what you’re asking?

As for the fuel selector switches, this is dependent on what aircraft you are using. Some require you to bind the “center” selector option, others use the “all” selector, and others require the left or right selector. Again, totally dependent on what aircraft you are using and how many tanks. I think there are 4 total tank selector options so you want to bind the right ones that matches your application. There is no silver bullet fuel selector binding that works for all aircraft.

FWIW, I’ve never been able to bind the “fuel cutoff” switch in any aircraft. There’s no specific cutoff binding listed. Let me know if anyone has successfully done this.

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“Toggle Fuel Valves All” actuates the cutoff valve for me on the C152 using SPAD.neXt.

I am sorry, this was from head and unfortunately wrong. It’s the C172 (steam gauge) where I need to switch the fuel shutoff valve. The corresponding SPAD.neXt value is GENERAL_ENG_FUEL_VALVE.1. Here is the corresponding setting:

It took me a while of trial and error to find the proper value time ago. Probably, there is a similar value in the Sim GUI.


This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

for what its worth in Airmanager this toggles the cut off valve… (about 2 weeks of searching and testing)