Mapping light potentiometers to an axis without being overridden

I’m curious if anyone has had any success setting any of the light potentiometer values with an axis without them being reset by the aircraft itself.

I attempted to do so with Lorby SI’s Axis and Ohs and could get for instance the landing light brightness (value 1) to bind to an axis between 0-100. Works perfectly. However when attempting to set the 3rd potentiometer (in this case the panel lights) to an axis using the same technique, the lights will immediately reset to whatever the cockpit’s modeled dial is set to. For instance if the cockpit’s dial is set to 100, moving the axis down will slowly lower the brightness but it’ll be flickering back to 100 the entire time, and once the axis stops moving it’ll stay at 100.

Anyone managed to get past this behavior to fully control a light potentiometer with an axis?