MarcGs Tour De Med

Back on Feb 4th I started a new career with the (quite brilliant) NeoFly and chose the xCub to start with, I chose Bilbao as my newly acquired base of operations. After looking at the map I decided to go down and visit Barcelona and from there an idea was born…why not fly around the Mediterranean…in the xCub!

So I set off, picking up short 30mins to 1hr flights and heading in a clockwise direction, landing at whatever airports the Missions in NeoFly found for me.

Tonight I came to browse the forums and saw plenty of other people posting their Journals in this section which I’d never looked at before…■■■■■■ why didn’t I think of this 7 weeks ago?!

So here I am, having just landed in Corfu with a few long Legs ahead of me as I continue on my journey, I’ll be sure to post a few pictures a long the way (VR screenshots so image quality/size isn’t great)