Mariscal Lamar airport and Cuenca City, Ecuador (SECU) missing airport lights

Since the launch of MSFS 2020, I have noticed the absence of lights in its default scenario of the Mariscal Lamar SECU airport in the city of Cuenca in Ecuador. This is the airport of my home, for which I have decided to buy MSFS2020 and be able to fly like in real life.
Unfortunately, I have noticed that there are no lights that this airport has in reality. Other smaller airports in the simulator that do not have lights in real life, in the simulator they do.
I cannot redesign SECU’s default scenario, so I request that you please include the lights at the airport.
The lighting systems it has are the following:

  • Taxiway lights
  • Runway edge and center lights
  • REIL lights on both runways
  • PAPI lights for both runways
  • Runway end lights
  • And lastly, approaching lights ODALS on runway 24

Yes, runways designators have change at SECU airporT. They were 05-23 but today theay have been changed to 06-24. So please change designators as well.

Please report on Zendesk too. I agree. I lived in Cuenca for a year. I flew into and out of SECU and the surrounding airports alot in FSX. Awesome Andean flying. The current MSFS version does not do the airport justice.


I bought the sim for the exact same reason :sweat_smile: :ecuador:

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