Market place update vs github a32nx

Will the market place version automatically update when github updates their a32nx ?

Not automatically, but Jorg stated that whenever WT want a new version released, it will happen.
He did not mention any processing time, but I’d expect days rather than hours.

There’s a lot of process involved to get the marketplace addons updated. Validations, Verifications, as well as DRM encryption process that can take days to do in totals.

So compared to the Github version where a new build is available right away, that same build has to go through all the process above for days to be able to get the addon into the same version.

But I think it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, if you’re already using the Stable version where the updates for each version can take weeks and months for every version release. Waiting for an extra few days for it to appear in the marketplace is really not that big of a deal since you would still be on the same version when the marketplace gets updated.

But if you’re like me who uses the Development version where updates can be delivered up to 2-3x per day for every new feature and bug fixes. Getting this build to the marketplace would be counter-productive, because by the time the whole validation process is done and the update is released, the github version would already have 6-10x build updates since then.

…you’re not the target group for the marketplace install anyway :wink:

Most simmers will rather prefer to have the latest state and the marketplace release is mainly targeting users without much interest in too many details and/or XBox users who have no other way to install addons.

This is why I think the announcement to release it on the marketpace is more PR than it really brings for most of us here (using an installer isn’t that hard anyway), I just hope that Aosbo/MS work closer with the developers which would benefit everyone.

I just wish that the marketplace platform should be open-source. You know, that as soon as the developer uploads the mod update, it instantly deploys without having to go through all that validation and DRM encryption process and that the developers and publishers have full control over their content deployment.

The delays for an update, as well as the DRM due to all that background process is one of the main reason why I no longer use the marketplace and go for the third party stores to buy my addons.

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Me too and I always hope that the addon is NOT released on the marketplace since there seems to be a restriction that you may not offer an update for your direct customers before it is released on the Marketplace as well
So it affects even those people who intentionally skip the Marketplace, as got evident in the CRJ update after SU4. Pretty annoying.

Let’s see how this will develop with the release strategy of 320NX, at least they are open source, so you can’t restrict people from downloading a certain branch.