Marketplace and addons that use EXE's

My addons use an EXE. They’re utilities. They’re not planes or scenery. They run outside the simulator.

Will it possible in the future to sell them via the MSFS Marketplace?

Hard to say… But I would prefer that if they sell it through the MSFS marketplace, is that the addon is fully integrated into the sim directly without the need of an external EXE.

Problem is that’s not technically possible in many cases. MSFS is quite restrictive on what you can and cannot run “inside” the process.

For example, you can’t run the Windows speech recognition API inside MSFS. It needs to be external.


Support for EXE distribution via the marketplace is not planned at the moment. In game-processes (that is, WebAssembly gauges and modules) are the addons that can be distributed via the Marketplace.


Sol / Asobo

Are there any plans to allow us to display a 2D panel via WASM that is not directly built into an aircraft?

Hi ! I m curious if this policy (dont allow EXE in Marketplace) is also valid for this year … i mean for PC Marketplace obviously, because XBOX unfortunatelly dont run Simconnect inside and for us it is impossible to dev an addon for this platform . I hoped this change but as i understood yesterday there is no chance to open TCP tunnel between XBOX and external PC … for example