Marketplace and Content Manager Version History non functional

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In the Marketplace, for each plane (or add-on) there is a “Version History”. This week, the PMDG 737 planes were updated, and show with a large “Updated” badge when viewed in the grid / list…
… However, when you look at the detail page of any “Updated” plane, and check “Version History”, it says, “No version history yet.”

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Xbox X

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I do a lot of beta testing and on Xbox, the “Version History” in the Marketplace fails to show version for almost every product. I know that everything in the Marketplace HAS a version number, so it’s just a failure of the interface to SHOW the version. I don’t even care about the “history”, it would be enough to just show the current version - it’s essential to know if the latest version is what is there or not.

Here is an example, of the new Toolbar Pushback Pro for Xbox. Both the Marketplace and Content Manager fail to show even the current version number of the file.