Marketplace automatic failed purchase issue

Has anyone had any issues with purchasing from the marketplace? Just tried to get FT Copenhagen and it just automatically fails the purchase.


I’ve tried to install the paderborn freeware via Marketplace after a clean installation to to an SSD and it works fine… FT Copenhagen i wait for the first review… Is also not on top of my wishlist…:slight_smile:

Ok, that doesn’t answer the question though, but thanks.


Hi @pilotskcx,

Had the same issue (Purchase Failed). Here is what fixed it for me:

Go to:
Under Payment & Billing at the top - Select “Manage”
Update old credit card info / incorrect address
Restart sim

Edit: On a subsequent purchase I also received purchase failed. I clicked on my profile / avatar and chose Sign Out. I also exited the sim and launched it from the Xbox application. Was able to purchase after that.

If the problem continues, suggest searching for “Purchase Failed” in quotation marks here in the forum. Keep us posted if you get it resolved.

Also, if you are using Steam, here is one solution that worked, located here.

And lastly, those who always run FS in Administrator mode have had success trying it without Admin mode.

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i am on paypal for my microsoft account, will that work atm ?

I believe it is setup to work with PayPal, and should work that way. But if you are getting the Purchase Failed message, that would be the first thing I would change to try to resolve it.

Also, starting the sim using the XBox application has helped others as well.

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I’ll try it again. I did just as you suggested. I’m not sure why the MS and Xbox accounts aren’t one and the same. I have a feeling that’s the issue.

Yeah, I’ve tried it every which way as you suggested…still a instant failed purchase.

Start FS2020 not as an administrator and the purchase will go through. It worked for me.

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Tried that…no go.

The only thing I can think of that maybe causing it is I’m connected through a VPN right now working from home. I’ll disco and try it again soon.

That wasn’t it. Really not sure why it would be instantly blocked. Filed with ZenDesk.

Yup. That was the ticket for me.

There is a 100% working fix for this issue.

Install the xbox beta app
Login with your msfs user id
Launch msfs from this app and then purchase.

Hey. I’ve tried everything written in this tread, but it does not work as it should. I have updated my credit card, switched to PayPal and downloaded the new XBox app at launch of FS 2020 from the app, but I am not interested in buying any airports in the Marketplace. Correct it, because I am from Copenhagen and would like to buy EKCH.

Also a close neighbour to Kastrup but consistently get “purchase failed”.

Why do microsoft do not want my money…

Quite frustrating tbh

After the computer was closed for 3 hours I started up as normal and now i can buy EKCH. It looks great :slight_smile:

I did all of the steps listed above (except shut down for 3 hours), and I still get purchase failed. Who knew it would be so hard to give them our money?

I wrote a solution that worked for me in the bugs section. If your logged in as admin on you windows 10 computer marketplace will fail. Here is a link. It should be searchable if you search the forum.