Marketplace, Buy, Carenado M20 Ovation

Please Please explain how a mere mortal like me can buy off the marketplace it unbelievable it so difficult, orbx products work like a dream, all I want to do is spend some money with you.

Charlie McEwan (UK)

I can’t tell if you’re having a problem with the Ovation or you’re overjoyed with it… ? :thinking:

Yes I got also in the past some problems of buying Add-ons in the marketplace.

“Expecially if you have some win 10 services tweaked for performance. Also non updated apps could end in problems and wrong win account settings”

I am definitely :ok_hand: for an more easier way to purchase an add-on at the marketplace.

Ummmm I got the A/C downloaded in the end simple fix, UAC to notify status open MSFS NOT as administrator then it worked, my problem I suppose.

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:ok_hand::+1: perfect

Great good to you all

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