Marketplace content and control

Just a thought now that this has happened. Why should we EVER loose access to content we have purchased because a server goes down?

We are currently investigating reports that players have lost access to some purchased Marketplace content. We have escalated this to the appropriate support teams and will provide an update as soon as we have more information to share.

I’m just throwing this out there but wouldn’t it be VERY odd if you completely paid off your car and the dealership says “Hey we are not allowing access to your vehicle for a day because, well we have an issue with you driving on Thursdays” lol :rofl: Thoughts?


And the engine overheats randomly when you pull onto the highway unless you turn off your instrument panel.

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I guess that adding the DRM which results in this issue when the servers go down is also why it takes so long for new products and/or their updates to actually make it into the official Marketplace in the first place.

Worth noting that this does not happen with content which has been purchased outside of the marketplace and that purchases from external vendor or direct from developer also come with an itemized proof of purchase.

Obviously, you do not own a Tesla !!!

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