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So every time I go to try to purchase something, comma my purchase fails… It fails in a matter of a split 2nd so I can’t even read the message. I have bought things from the marketplace plenty of times before so this is something new. Make sure my payment method is all up-to-date which it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I was trying to buy the New York City times Landscape and the aircraft Carrier. When the sky master comes out I’m going to want to buy that I’ve been waiting since day one for that. now that I can’t buy anything I don’t know what I’m going to do so please anybody help


Definitely play around with rebooting things. I’m on Xbox and I’ve had that happen once, I rebooted and it triggered the download fine.

The last few purchases I’ve made I’ve been completely disconnected from online services then re-connected. It goes from purchse pending, failed, successful then downloading all in the space of around 20secs.

I don’t think there’s a one size fits all for this. The Marketplace is weird as hell.

Microsoft Store - Error message “Purchase failed” – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

Steam - Error messages “Purchase pending” and “Purchase failed” – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

Xbox Series X|S - Error message “Purchase failed” – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

When it was happening for me me I ran game normally and not as administrator. Worked there after.

The sad thing is I won’t buy anything from MS marketplace or any other market seller. Until I know its sound!

Sorry but it’s Not Yet!

any msfs in game purchase fails??

I have not had any issues buying from other sites. But every time I buy from Marketplace, the purchase fails. I have no idea why that is, is it some sort of communication issue with the Steam and MSFS? No idea.

I purchased the “Top Rudder 103 SOLO” through the marketplace via steam, purchase was successful through Steam but I can’t access the aircraft in game, initially it said “Purchase failed” in the notifications. I already tired the steps posted in the forums, still no luck, Steam isn’t letting me refund either. Please help! I don’t know how to reach customer support directly either.

I am logged on to the correct accounts both on steam and Msfs.

I always have this issue. Its only with MSFS. Any payment method does this. The fix I found is just reboot MSFS and immediately purchase what you want . Seems if you start playing before purchase the checkout gets broken… None of that recommended stuff works for me, Has to be a bug.

My purchases always fail, even if they are the first thing I do when I start the sim.

Somewhere in 24-72 hours, it will eventually complete and be available for download.

It’s been like this for 3 or 4 months now.

It may actually be fixed now. Just was able to purchased two items after running the sim for a few hours. No way could i do that before

Just happened to me again. Made a purchase Monday night, still giving the “will be retried” message.

I’ve been dealing with this since launch, still waiting on them to credit me the King Air C90 and Embraer 170-175 since last month.

I am in the same situation. Suddenly when I click to make a purchase, I get a notification of “purchase error”. I have gone to my profile and I have modified my PayPal account, the one I used regularly and nothing, I no longer know what to do. I can’t buy in the Marketplace, open someone from the Marketplace to give us a solution?

Been trying all day tried every fix in the book still no go typical Microsoft total rubbish including there sim

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Deleted Microsoft store MSFS and went and bought the steam MSFS and no more problems 10 times better than the microsoft version :smiley: :+1:

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Its still the Microsoft version your probably not dealing with the store issues. They ended up refunding my money but it doesnt fix the issue. Maybe in another year they might have this fixed when no one is playing anymore.

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