Marketplace grayed out, X box login stucks on automatic server, No live weather possible

Since today the server is spinning on automatic and doesn’t see any other servers. The marketplace is grayed out. I don’t see any traffic on world map. My friends icons are not visible. And I cannot load live weather.

I’ve restarted my pc, even turned off my firewall. Logged out of Xbox live, logged back in to xbox live, didnt help.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help…

I am having the same - Marketplace not loading and no live weather. Server issue maybe?

You can always check XBox Live Status here: Green as 1647H ET.

If you purchased it from MS-Store, the next step might be to logout and login to MS-Store and check for Updates at the Store Level. Then try cycling XBox Gaming account in-sim again.

What a coincidence. I have the same issue and I think began just after the last update by the microsoft store page.
Buy the way, my Xbox live status is ok, but at the game said automatic and turn and turn.
Many thanks

I could solve it in my case now.
I searched some other related topic here in the forum and did a mixture of some suggested workarounds and this finally solved the problem in my case:

1. First my x box network didnt run properly. I just pressed the repair button. 
2. Logging out with my xbox account in the sim did not help to solve it, so I downloaded
    the x box App for windows and logged myself in and out.
3. Then I started the SIm and logged in with my x box account, the same email as in Microsoft store.


Perhaps a little bit easier to understand.

“If you have the store Version of MSFS ,install the XBox App log out in that app.
Go back to your sim and log in there. Worth a try!”


Thats true, thanks :wink:

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I have the same problem, I did what was suggested and it didn’t work. Any other alternative?

I am still having the same issue and had to submit a Zendesk ticket.
FWIW I found this page - the steps here didn’t work for me but they may help someone else.
I am running a clean install, nothing in the Community folder, no dev mode activated etc.

I had the same today also again.
The way mentioned above didn’t work anymore.
Instead the following worked for me today,

For me, I just had to go to options and then to general data and turn on the online functionality


I also have this issue after signing out and trying to sign back in…

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The Marketplace and/or Online services are grayed out – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support ( This one worked for me

hi folks,
i had the same problem with my brand new PC where i had to install FS again. After doing so a not countable times by deinstalling / installing / waiting for 150GB to be downloaded and again no marketplace accessable, i now found the relaxing and frustrating (because of loosing so much time and frustration) easy, simple and straight forward SOLUTION…

simply go to
options (1) - general (2) - data (3) - online-functionallity (4)
and activate this option

it seems, that 99,9% of your user settings are stored inside your online account, but not this one. So i missed to crosscheck that for one week now and lost so many time…
after i have activated this option the marketplace becomes accessible after a few seconds again :slight_smile:

hope that will save some time for everybody with this problem
so long and always have lift under your wings

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Thanks @appleatrs, this fixed my issue after trying to repair my windows updates and a full sim reinstall.

IDK why that seemed to turn itself off after the last WU.

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