Marketplace keeps reinstalling deleted aircraft file from content manager

Hello, I owned the PC PMDG D6 from the Microsoft store and also have a copy directly from PMDG website. When deleting the file from the marketplace content manager, it keeps reinstalling after each game start. So I end up with both files installed at the same time. I do noticed some files does this.

Is it safe to to delete the folder PMDG D6 from the folder name One Store from the MFS directory location? I want a solution assuming there is one so the next update doesn’t add the deleted folder back into the same location.

If the one from PMDG’s site came with an installer then their data will have overwritten the marketplace one so no. I would try uninstalling them both (PMDG first) and then installing just the PMDG one.

The PMDG D6 file from the content store was deleted prior to installing the application from the PMDG website.

Then I don’t know … Is there an actual problem or are you just housekeeping?

First check exactly where PMDG installs to before you delete anything

There is an actual problem. When both are installed at the same time, I only see liveries from the marketplace version and not the PMDG website. I am not able to see additional liveries that comes with the website version. While in the game I am able to delete the marketplace again then it works but when I restart the game, the same file loads back up.

Think that’s one for Zendesk. You could try marking the PMDG file read only but I expect that would only stall on startup.

Yeah that is what I was afraid of.

Easy enough to undo again I would say so worth a try

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The other possibility would be renaming liveries to whatever Asobo uses for theirs and replacing but this is a bit of a minefield if there’s encryption involved.

I might try to submit a ticket to Zendesk. I did some homework and noticed anything purchased from the marketplace, the files would end up in the Official OneStore folder .

Just guessing, but would deleting the content.xml file after removing your content manager version work?

I.e delete from content manager, close sim down then delete the content.xml file then restart the sim.
It gets regenerated when you restart.

This is an odd one for sure. I have done a similar thing but have not noted this issue.

I had a couple of airports that I initially purchased through marketplace then got bored waiting for MS to pull their fingers out and post the updates so uninstalled and purchased them again from external vendors.

The marketplace version remain owned but they do not download nor self install.

Maybe it’s an SU7 thing. Tbh I’ve not really bothered with FS2020 since they broke TrackIR, VR and wrecked previously nicely arranged settings with SU7 so I may not have noticed a new bug with content owned at 2 different locations

I have to wonder if this has anything to do with Marketplace causing the sim to reset all assists to easy. Anytime since SU7 one goes to the marketplace these assists go to easy.
Microsoft put out a hotfix preview available to insiders to rectify that and other issues such as VR and Track IR problems.
I had to stop flying until they release a proper hotfix because I’m getting notifications of Marketplace updates. When I go there, sim resets to easy. Some ppl get this every sim start-up.
Just my 2¢

Scroll down and you’ll see this relates to Marketplace updates

I submitted a ticket and will see what kind of response I get. I don’t feel comfortable deleting content.xml since it may regenerate after a restart.

The Waco YMF-5 is another aircraft when you delete it and restart the game it doesn’t remain uninstalled. So it cannot be related to SU7.

As for the all assist reset, I would like to believe this is its’s own issue but who knows since nothing is consistent with this game.

Please closed the thread as solution was found. Found file from One store directory and it seems to be working. Ran a test a few times and not seeing the file reinstall itself after it has been deleted. Will monitor when world updates live to see if it remains deleted.

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Closed at Topic Author’s request.