[Marketplace] Please add coupon codes!

The Market place is a very convenient store, despite the fact updates are a bit slower. Many developers offer a discount for sceneries in MSFS when you bought it from another platform.

It would be great to have the possibility to redeem a discount code in the Marketplace as well!

Give it some time. I am pretty sure, there will be discounts later on.
At the moment, everything will be at the standard price, cause the game is new.

I am not asking for discounts, but the possibility to buy discounted products via the Marketplace. For example, if you had ORBX Innsbruck for P3D, you could get a discount for MSFS, but only when buying through ORBX Direct… Then take Flightbeam KDEN, and you will need Contrail. Getting the point?

Ok, I understand. But what should ASOBO / Microsoft do about that?
I guess, you need to contact the manufacturer of the product for something like this, cause the MSFS is only providing a marketplace, that allows them to offer products.

You’re missing the point.

Easy up vote for me. I own thousands of dollars in payware airports. All USA from Orbx, all FlyTampa, all imaginesim, all, all, all, etc. All of these vendors give a huge discount to those of us who have helped put their kids through college over the years. This is the WISHLIST part of the forum and you’re arguing a point that has no point.

To get back on, point… YES, they need to allow the transactions to honor vendors wishes since ALL of them that I’ve mentioned as well as most that I have not mentioned do indeed want MS to allow for this. They’ve stated it, so yes, MS please listen to them and us and give an area for the codes!

MS store will still get their cut for having it on their store and the discount will come solely from the vendor but it is the marketplace that has to answer the vendors wishes and make this work. Thus the reason for the wishlist.

I was about to start this same topic but found this in a search. Hope others upvote this more.


Ok, now I understand the issue. But, I would even try to contact the manufacturer with this too, so they contact Microsoft with this issue. You got my upvote!

They have been asked many times. It’s why I said they said they have asked MS for this. Flightbeam says it on their forum, FSDT said it, imaginesim said it, etc. It’s one of the most asked questions on each of their own forums.

I’m about to buy FlightBeam’s KDEN from their website to get the 30% discount and then going to see if FS20 see’s it to where it’s shown as “Owned”. If that works then I won’t care about buying it from the marketplace. I only care because I don’t want my addons not be able to be managed from within the UI.

That’s what I was afraid of. This is one reason it needs to addressed with MS/Asobo. I purchased and installed LatinVFR’s KMIA and FlightBeam’s KDEN. Both installed in the MSFS community folder (the default MSFS folder for all of our hand placed addons). This folder should be seen by the sim and it doesn’t list it as owned and still says to buy.

No mention of this exactly in the next patch, but they do mention Marketplace updates and Content Manager updates in their blog, here: https://www.flightsimulator.com/september-10th-2020-development-update/