Marketplace took my money and did not download Vegas

There are currently 60 ratings for a product, that is released on Marketplace within only 24 hours. It must be a high record for a 3rd-party product.

But I am so curious to know, how many of them have purchased and could download and use the DLC properly? No one single user here can confirm whether they bought and downloaded it successfully.

It is now 24 hours for me after the purchase, but it is not shown on my Content Manager. and still shows I do not “own” it! Very frustrate with Asobo indeed. My favorite and long-waited airport and scenery!


My question is this, did they take the money from your account you used to purchase it too? They said in the zendesk they WOULD issue refunds. I’m going elsewhere since you have first hand experience 24 hours did not help.

There’s a problem with MSFS right now after the latest “Gaming Services” patch (2.50.18001.0) is installed on Windows which seems to be affecting user profiles / in-game settings.

I believe this problem is also causing issues with the Marketplace store and purchases being made including the newly released FlyTampa KLAS scenery.

I too purchased KLAS this morning and have had the same problem as everyone here.
For the time being I’m going to hold off and see what happens regarding a FIX for Gaming Services. With some luck it will solve the scenery download problem… worst case we’ll have to go through Zendesk to get the issue sorted.

I did receive a confirmation email for the purchase, so I’m assuming that it should be attached to my account & profile.


Don’t think it has anything to do with Gaming Services. I think this problem is limited to the FS Marketplace & KLAS as I was able to purchase other airports/scenery without hassle. Also, FS Multiplayer still seems to work.

Why do you think Gaming Services is related to this problem?

I’m not 100% sure both problems are related but it is something of a coincidence that these issues popped up around the same time.

One other point is that after restarting MSFS, it completely forgets that you had purchased KLAS.
This is similar to the game settings being lost as well.

The Gaming Services pretty much ties your offline info with your online info and profile. It looks like someone pushed out a patch for GS without actually making sure they didn’t bork something.
Since GS is the thing that communicates with the servers, negotiating between your local client and MS’s gaming XBox servers, so FS cannot communicate properly.
The GS bug reported (UI Broken and Reset User Settings) obviously ties in pretty heavily with the sim and for some reason, forces the sim to behave in a strange way, resetting all previously saved settings & not communicating profile requests properly, such as purchases.

I definitely believe that this has very little to do with Asobo, apart from maybe relying a little too heavily on MS and their gaming servers to handle purchases (just call to Orbx instead??), and a lot to do with MS’s latest update to their Gaming Services.

Same issue for me!!! I purchsed Las Vegas in the sim store, and it said successful… I clicked download and nothing happened. I checked in content manager and nothing …returned to the marketplace (in sim) and it was asking me to buy it again, like a fool I thought maybe the first purchase didn’t go through so I purchased it again, same thing, nothing happens when I clicked download and nothing in content manager.

I checked my bank account and surprise, surprise 2 charges for $30.

I called Tech support and spend 3 hours transfered to 5 different people because no one understands and has no idea what I’m talking about. In the end finally got a rep in Xbox support and she tired to help but still doesn’t understand what to do and says ok something expired make the purchase again now and she would correct the first 2 charges and so I purchased it again (3rd time, $30 x 3 = $90), again same thing, click on download with no result and nothing in content manager and I’m down $90.

She then said ok ill credit you back for the first 2 and ill escalate the 3rd charge. So she did approve and refund the first charge which I received today, but the second charge she said she approved but I had to wait which I found strange and this morning I got an email from Microsoft saying “hey we aren’t refunding you anymore charges” … so at this point I’m down $60 no content and now I have to spend more time calling again and trying to fight about these charges. If that 3rd charge does not work then I may have just lost $60 to Microsoft for nothing! I’m super angry (I’ll post email)

What seems to happen is when you make a purchase your actually buying “Microsoft credits” not the content directly, thats why the charges always show up as “credits” not the actual item your buying. The sim then uses those “credits” to pay the 3rd party developers and normally right away the content becomes available in your content manager for download. In this case your paying for the “credits” so Microsoft takes your money, and then the marketplace is unable to grant access to the content. Problem now is they already took your money and the purchase for the credit was successful and now your left with no content so it keeps letting you repurchase it over and over. It will say “owned” after purchase, but log out and back in and it will go right back to “buy and download”

This is extremely frustrating and difficult to get your money back and tech support is not able to understand what you bought, how the item is purchased and validate anything on your system so they don’t know how to help you. And if you ask for a refund Microsoft doesn’t care what your situation is because I explained in detail the reason for the refund on all 3 charges, and they still rejected my refund . To them all they see is the purchase for credits and apparently they have a limit of how many they can credit back in a year no matter what your reason it, even if they told you to make the purchase again! They always come up with an excuse to not refund.

I’m frustrated and disappointed with Microsoft. I even asked the tech support to credit me the 3 charges and I would just buy the scenery on simmarket (which I never had a problem with) and here I am 4 days later… still down $60 (2 charges) and no scenery.

Last note. I have purchased other items in the sim marketplace in the past and never had any issues, but honestly if I have to spend my day explaining to your tech support how your services work and how you need to help me with no result, and now spend days fighting over email about my refund which is valid and legitimate … thats sad and frustrating. To me it’s very simple, credit me back a charge of $30, leave the last charge give me the content… if you can’t then refund me both charges and I’ll purchase it somewhere else, thats it.

Great job Microsoft!


Nope, it hasn’t helped, probably won’t help anyone, it’s just a delay tactic to lower the amount of people complaining.

I’ve just submitted a ticket, hope they sort this quick, and I hope they bother to issue an announcement on this and when it’s safe to buy anything, because I’m sure a lot of people will not be giving them money till they do.

How recently have you made your purchases?

I purchased mine last night (23 hrs ago) and still have not seen the download show up in my Content. Hopefully this gets fixed/refunded. I don’t plan to purchase anything on the Marketplace until they make it clear this has been fixed. The response explaining to wait 24 hrs is rediculous.

I wont purchase anything out of the marketplace until this is fixed. Maybe i buy the addon directly from FlyTampas Site… but the direct updates inside content manager are just so comforatble… i will wait till they confirm 100% its fixed

Hi Team, I am joining the long line of folks who have bought tis package and not received it. And yes, I was stupid enough to try twice. Let’s hope they get this sorted quickly. It is not a cheap package and paying that price twice stings.

Zendesk ticket raised. Request #94237.

Hello All,
It’s Emilios from FlyTampa here. We are sorry to hear about the trouble, and fully understand your frustration. Unfortunately, as third party developers we do not have control over the sales and distribution process from the in-game Marketplace, or have the ability to issue refunds. This is a process which is entirely managed by Microsoft. We have however communicated with the internal team, and we do know they are aware and looking into it.

We appreciate that Marketplace is a very accessible platform, which is very well integrated with the simulator. The large number of reports is a proof of its popularity as a platform, however there appears to be a technical glitch with FlyTampa-Las Vegas product.

I am very confident that Microsoft/Asobo will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We are all very thankful for your interest into our products.

FlyTampa team


Yep, me too… Ticket number #94286

I started a thread about it before my attention was brought here…

good sayd as political point of view, but not the reality in special for Steam users :wink:

I linked former the old topics about and there is nothing changed. I still see nowhere what I own, get no email about payments, etc. The issue is not the marketplace, it is these external Asobo accounting.

But I hope, starting with work-week, the support fix the missing ownership ( and possible double payments ) with informations from ZenDesk tickets.

I receive an email of all my Marketplace transactions nearly as soon as the purchase is made.

The problem I see with the purchase confirmation is that it contains no information about the item(s) you bought. Just the purchase date, price, order number, and the fact that you bought FlightSim Credits.

I keep a screen cap of all my purchases and try to classify them (aircraft, scenery, etc.), but ultimately there’s no way down the road to tell which item is witch.

you get a info from Steam and as you say’d that you own the Asobo’s Brand-New fictional Currency.

But you can not see anything within your MS account, what a “Microsoft FlightSim Marketplace” suggest and you also get no email from this side. And you not have access to a Asobo-Account, which must exist in background.

At least I can never proof that / and what I pay’d for and own !

Although we only receive that bare minimum info in said email, I would like to assume the order number will allow MS to locate all the information they need to see who bought what and when.

you get an email ? You pay over Steam or MS Store ?

I get an email from MS store and one from PayPal within seconds of payment. Always do. Just never got the actual download this time around.