Marketplace Typo “ALL PLATFORM” (bad English)

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on Xbox on the left-side toolbar in a category, there is an option to click “All Platform” to show both PC and Xbox addons. “All Platform” should be changed to “Show All Platforms” or “All Platforms”

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open Marketplace > Click on “Aircraft” > Click on “Jets” > Notice typo

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Xbox Series X

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Sim Update 8

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Lol, what?
So you’ve suggested a correction that has TWO mistakes instead?

All it needs is an “s” at the end.

…and I wouldn’t spell PlatfROM the way you’ve done hahah

Sorry but it made me laugh :rofl:

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Haha-I was typing on a Phone when I created this :slight_smile:

The wording is just bad English. That’s why I made this :+1:

You are right. But as I said it just needs to be plural. Shorter AND correct :wink:

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Yes-another solution. Added :slight_smile:

Umm but you still didn’t put s on you new “or” option lol. It’s the same as the wrong one now!

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Fixed. Again typing on a phone, not the best for creating bug reports I have learned.

My apologies.

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German looks good :stuck_out_tongue:




This issue should be solved in the Sim Update 13 Beta. @HamMan2118 can you confirm?

Hey! I’ll confirm this later today :blush:

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I know I said I would confirm that 6 days ago but I didn’t :sweat_smile: Can confirm it is fixed; now it says “All Platforms”

Closed as fixed in Sim Update 13: Release Notes - Sim Update 13 [] Available Now