Marketplace - Unavailable (28/1/23)

Anyone else having Market Place unavailable (28th Jan 23)

Is there a status page anywhere that show if there are issues?

Try resetting your connection to the servers - within MSFS go to Settings > General > Data and turn off Online Functionality, then save, then back on, then save, then restart the sim


Thanks, very strange, that was turned off, I did not do that, was active yesterday when was using, very strange. But all back, thanks again.

I do have the same problem, and the “checking for updates” got stucked. I looked into the folder of the sim and many files are missing. There are always problems with the servers, (speed, issues,etc). I getting a bit sick of this. I didn’t have this kind of problems with X-Plane.

I had the same problem a couple of days ago, took me a while before : settings - general - data - and the top entry ‘online functionality’ was mysteriously turned off.
All ok now.

thanks for that, mine turned off at the same time as well it fixed the problem turning it on :+1:

I was hoping to install WU 12 yesterday. Last night a mandatory updates package for MSFS 2020 was delivered to my Xbox, but the Marketplace has been unavailable since then. I have restarted the console a few times, to no effect.

It seems I had to power off the console, unplug it and power it back up again for the above procedure to work.

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