Marketplace Updates

As of now, PMDG has published the EFB.
I am asking the question whose answer is feared.
When will the update come to Marketplace?
Judging by previous updates, will it last 1 month this time?


I bought the 737 when I was on the box.
I’m guessing still have to wait for the update…due to having bought it through the MS MP.
I’m tempted to buy again…outside that dang store
to not have to wait over a month just to…

We have sent the files to Microsoft this weekend; when Microsoft will release them is, unfortunately, out of our hands. If we have any further information, we will, of course let you know.


Thank you Mathijs,
for replying and the heads up.
I know/understand it’s out of your hands and control :grin:

Thanks Mathijs,
We know that PMDG has nothing to do in this situation.
To be honest, the reason I bought the B738 from marketplace was that it was at a reasonable price compared to my country.
With the strange price update, the marketplace is now more expensive.
As a result, we are still waiting for the Marketplace update.

*My other goal is to keep this post at the top.

There has been no update for 17 days.

Even the previous update did not come.

Didn’t we know when you closed the shop?

‘Closed the shop’? we did not close anything.

We delivered the files to Microsoft the same day they became available in our shop (as we always try to do). After that, it is simply out of our hands. We wait as much on these files as you are.

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I’m not talking about PMDG, I’m criticizing the MSFS marketplace.

The only thing I expect from you in this regard is that whoever manages the Marketplace, take an initiative to speed them up. At the end of the day, the product we cannot receive service belongs to PMDG.
We, who are the victims of these delays, will cry here for a while and then start looking for other responsible parties.
I respect the work done, but as customers, we were not informed of these ridiculous delays when purchasing. Even PMDG’s version history is not shown on Marketplace.

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I believe Microsoft is well aware of our desire to shorten the delays.

Folks, this has now become a Voice of the Customer thread, which can’t be addressed here.

Please use Zendesk Support for any Microsoft related concerns, and PMDG’s Support Channels for their products. Thanks.