Marketplace will not download latest update

??? I’m stuck in update limbo. Previous required updates, all I had to do was launch the game and it would automatically move on to beginning latest update. This time, the game launcher tells me that a new mandatory update is available (duh!), closes the game launcher, and opens the marketplace. But there is no where in this program that will launch me into the updating process.

It helps massively to try the search in such a case.

The currently working workaround for most people is to downlod the xbox app from the ms store and update the sim there.

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Marketplace or Microsoft Store app? :wink:

Download and install xbox app

Restart PC

Launch xbox app and sign in.

Recheck for updates in microsoft store app


Many thanks, that got me going. That was the first update that didn’t just go directly into updating.

I am happy you have your issue solved! For others, please see this FAQ:
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