Mars, Moon, Pangea

Here’s a feature I’d love to see: an alternative map / terrain server to fly on Mars or the Moon (ok you’d have to cheat on the physics because of thin atmosphere) – there’s plenty of hi res terrain imagery that could be used. Also, an alternative map / terrain serve that configures the continents as they were in deep geological time, e.g. Pangea.

It was done before!
IIRC during BOTA 2004 (Battle of the Airlines) there was a mission on the “Moon”.
They really managed to design a scenery and a “spacecraft” to give you the feeling of flying on the Moon.
Those races were a lot of fun, miss those times.
But I’m an old geezer :older_man:t2: :crazy_face:

It would be cool if they added an UFO to fly with.