Massive FPS drops and stutters over LA

It starts near FD74 Gamebird Groves Airstrip

Thanks! I loaded into that airport, FD74 on the ground. In an Icon. So nothing complex that should tax the simulator. 5. 5 FPS. I couldn’t test anything because I wasn’t about to let MSFS melt my CPU so I quit back to the menu after 15 seconds of 100% CPU utilization. Good grief. That is the worst FPS I’ve seen in years in any application or game.

Makes KOMH look like flawless perfection.

64gb ram

I’m experiencing an amount of stutters after the recent world update.
LAX has been like this for a while since it’s a large photogrammetry city but I just noticed that I can’t even taxi out of KATL anymore with the payware scenery, where before I had no issues.

Even at non photogrammetry cities I get stutters which is uncommon for me. I hope they fix this soon and optimize the simulator how it was before.

Sliders are:

LAX could be rough before this patch, I agree.

I’m flying in the Caribbean with no FPS loss

Someone found a short-term workaround that appears to have a large helpful impact on the FPS performance bug…see this thread and many have tried it with success. .

I did a short flight to Sri Lanka. Beginning of flight was fine then severe stutters and freezes as I reached the destination which is lightly populated. Hardly a metropolis. I hoped it would stop but carried on for 20mins. In the end I turned it off. It was my first flight in 2 weeks. Will wait a few weeks for the next update and try again.

Comming from the south-east, stutterings starting above KLGB (Long Beach Arpt) Heading 300
Comming from the east, stutterings starting above KONT (Ontario Arpt) Heading 250

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If you are flying another route in MSFS and then (without exiting the simulator) start another flight you will probably get low frame rates or the worst a CTD. Always exit MSFS and then start the new route and even better reboot the PC

The same here. Loaded a c172 at FD74.
7 fps …
Take off straight to the south. When passing 1200ft AGL, framerates jumped up to normal.
Then turning north towards the airfield at 2000ft. When approaching the airfield, framerates again took a dive to 7fps.

Intel i9 10900K
Radeon RX6900XT
16Gb RAM

Massive FPS drops also at Tulare KTLR, Monument Valley UT25, and a few hundreds other places around the world, pointless to report them all.

If this is true, asobo must have used much much more of the original fsx code hidden under a new coat of paint than anyone thought lol.

Island hopping isn’t as demanding as densely populated urban areas with vast cityscapes.
Caribbean has been butter smooth since launch.

The Caribbean has at least one stutter spot over Old Road Town in Saint Kitts near TKPK.

Gonna give it a look🍻

Try it (restart simulator) and let us know the results please.

LA since launch with massive fps drops and stutters for me.
every update I hope they addressed that.


LAX has always been an area of terrible performance. The city itself is quite detailed, is all photogrammetry, and very heavily populated, so it’s to be expected, I suppose. At least to some extent.

Arriving at the airport itself adds another layer of performance hit. I suspect that the custom airport is not very well optimized. This seems to be a common theme with msot of the major custom airports that were in the sim at launch.

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I have also FPS drops since the last update, but I was surprised that I have no problems over LA now. I think maybe the problems are somehow related to your local cache and then when an area is cached wrong you have problems and stutters every time at the same geographic location. But if you are lucky, maybe a whole city can run without any problems.

I would try to delete the manual cache for this area and see if the performance drops appear at the same location after you build the cache again or use the rolling cache.