Massive FPS drops when memory required from GPU is more than the VRAM

thats the problem sadly, nothing is doing anything for this problem :frowning:

I can set it to medium even and absolutely nothing will change…
Lets say i do this:

  • load into the airport it shows me 3.5GB vram used and everything is fluid
  • move camera to outside view and now its already at 5GB
  • switch to cockpit again and its at 6…
  • now any more switch, even to the exact same camera like before, will add another amount and eventually reaches 7GB and overflows. Now it may show things like 7250 / 7100 MB Vram. And its stuck there. For like 20 seconds or until i alt-tab, then its quicker. Maybe 5 to 10 sec. Then it returns to 3.5Gb and the game repeats.

If i go to settings now and decrease LOD, texture quality, shadows, reflections and whatnot, nothing will change at all… The sim looks stupid but the problem remains.

I can fly in the 737 most of the time but in the Fenix those 70-80% of airports that show this are a sad truth.

What drives me nuts is that i know this wasnt the case always. When the Fenix released, even after the first update i had AIG traffic on at 100%, high res Fenix vc textures, cabin active and 200 LOD. And it never happened.

Now i deinstalled AIG, deactivated the cabin, only use 4k textures, use low res textures for vc, set the settings lower and it happens all the time…

Its not really a Fenix thing though… i get it also on a tiny amount of payware airports in the 737… So there has to be some underlaying problem with the sim.

It will drive me crazy one day ^^ Because ive tried so many things already…

No modern game is showing this behaviour, its an msfs thing on my pc.

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Impressive analysis of the problem :+1:

Moved to #bugs-and-issues:performance.

Since su10 my rtx 3070ti vram usage went through the roof.

Ddu, new driver, rollback nothing works. Mainly happens on flights longer than an hour or in the vicinity of large airports.

Exactly as @Senchay6131 describes with camera switching msking it worse.