Massive Sim 32 DC6 Euro Tour

Our 2021 DC6 Australian Tour continues Thursday 29th July as we make our way from Horn Island to Kowanyama

NOTAM Leg 7 Horn Island to Kowanyama will have a flight time of approx 1.5 hours and we will be departing at 9:30PM AEST/11:30AM UTC Wednesday 28th July. Flight Plan file is attached - YHID WP YAUR YPMP DCT YKOW FL170 - Please be on the apron approx 20-30mins before departure for briefing.

Comms Channel on Discord → DC6 Australia Tour

Server → West USA

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EVENT UPDATE - Now departing 29th July 2021.

EVENT UPDATE - Aus Tour suspended until Saturday - replaced with below Flight Details:

IFR Sliac (LZSL) to Ronchi Dei Legionari (LIPQ).lnmpln (1.9 KB)
IFR Sliac (LZSL) to Ronchi Dei Legionari (LIPQ).pln (4.8 KB)