[Massive Sim 32 Inc.] ATR 72 Pro Series

I’d like to introduce you to 2024’s first Pro Series event, starting 10th January, 2024 - 1030UTC. The Pro Series is designed to simulate Gate to Gate airliner flights with allocated gate allocations, cold and dark startups, departure and arrival sequencing as well as learning to fly each airframe as it was/is intended. The series will run three weeks each month with the fourth week being allocated to our previous scenario flying with rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Our first Pro Series event will run for six weeks and we’ll be using the ATR-72-600 airframe. Flight one will simulate real world ops out of Dublin with Southampton the destination and as always, NOTAMS will be the channel to source your flight plans and gate allocation details. We encourage all of you to start learning or relearning the operation of the ATR and whilst this is a change of pace for Massive Sim 32, I’m sure you’ll all enjoy the challenge. You MUST register below in order to fly this event. Your registration will assist the team with allocating your gate and other flight information for your trip to Southampton. Welcome to Pro Series. Head here to register for this event → Massive Simulations 32 Inc.