Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (Switzerland) {Matterhorn, WUVI, 10 Official/Modeled POIs, 9+ BTR POIs}


This week’s adventure takes us to the castles around Matterhorn, to Matterhorn and its observatory, down the path the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn railroad takes, and finishes with a cruise along Lake Geneva.

Looking forward to a scenic flight!

Server: West USA
Settings: All Players, No Traffic
Discord: Discord
Suggested Add-Ons:

Flight Plan: MatterhornGotthardBahn.pln (7.0 KB)

Airplane: TBM 930 or a F/A-18 or similar (good climb rate at altitude and >230 kts cruise)
- Reminder for TBM 930: Vy (124 KIAS), Vx (100kts)
Weather: Clear skies
Liftoff Time in Sim Time: 9am (8am UTC)
Rough flight path: LIMO rwy 32 → LSGG