Matterhorn in the Savage Cub

Fast becoming my favourite aircraft for mountain sightseeing


great shots, thanks for sharing

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That’s the improved Matterhorn by NikPriest :slight_smile:
The original one isn’t quite as nice.

Good shots. Thanks. Have done several flights around the Matterhorn several times in the C152 (without landing).


Thanks for those. I love flying the Savage Cub.

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Did he ever update the Matterhorn scenery to be more performance friendly. It’s the only scenery that kills my pc @4k

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Last update I can find is from Sep. 8th

Thanks but unfortunately it is still version 1.0. The release notes state, " There are KNOWN ISSUES such as : - May cause severe fps drops on higher resolution displays .(may reduce texture load in a future version)"

Hopefully he gets around to making it more fps friendly by reducing the texture size and adjusting the LOD.

Nice screenshots :wink:

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