Maverick jet not there

I use Xbox s. Downloaded the Top Gun update. The jet itself isn’t there. I restarted console about 6 times. The challenges show up but no jet. Suggestions?

Just making sure you understand that it’s not a different plane. It’s the same F-18 that has been in the game, but different liveries have been added.

Right. But the first training was takeoff. There was NO plane on the runway. It was running but it was very stealthy

If you have any mods or liveries for the f18e in the community folder, try without those.
Sorry, i missed you were xbox.
This doesn’t apply to op.

do you have the FA 18 installed ? It was released last year with the GOTY update.

Confirm that the jet is not there if you remove all mods and run with only the default game?

Yes. The Maverick livery doesn’t show up. The others do

I guess I don’t know what you mean by the mods and using the default game. I just started it up pick a plane and fly away

I see posts about the community folder but using Xbox do I even have a community folder

So you didn’t actually download the Top Gun patch?

If you are saying you have the Maverick activities and challenges, but don’t have the livery, then that is something odd. A bad or incomplete install?

You said you’re on XBox, so you don’t need to worry about a community folder.

I would say go into your Content Manager and Marketplace and remove any Maverick related items you have, then re-install them.