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We still doubt what will happen with the top gun expansion. It has not been explicitly said what is going to be done with it, I have 2 possibilities:

It is removed from the store for new players, but remains in the content manager after the expiration date, and can be downloaded as many times as you want for players who previously acquired it, 2022 onwards.

It is removed from the store and the content manager for everyone, in case someone keeps it installed, if it is uninstalled it is lost forever.

Please clarity

We will provide further information regarding the Top Gun: Maverick DLC as soon as we are able to. Fear not, we haven’t forgotten! :slight_smile:

The MSFS Team


If it’s completely removed, so that users cannot even re-install it going forward, I would expect a refund from Microsoft.

It would also make me less inclined to purchase any future movie tie-in addons.

My man… it was free. Or included in the price of the game, depending on which way you want to look at it. But you’re being a silly goose here.


Good job you didn’t pay for it, then

Sorry, yes, I forgot it was free. :slight_smile:

They can take it away if they like in that case.

To be honest, I didn’t even enjoy the movie, and found it quite disappointing, but that was not a deciding factor in not getting the addon. It would be nice if it were to stay for those that enjoy it.


Said it once, and I’ll say it again - multiple mods use it as a dependency for the wires, meatball etc. If it goes then that makes them that bit more useless.

I certainly hope they untangle the licenced bits and retain the actual nuts and bolts.

I assumed they won’t be removing it for existing users, but there’ll be plenty of new ones to come who won’t be able to access it.

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Once you’ve downloaded it you shouldn’t lose it. From the last livestream:

Date has changed since then.

Top Gun: Maverick Expansion Removal

[Jorg] Are we on the slide? Are we done? Okay. Jayne is questioned out. Here we go. Well, anyway, so you saw this, then this is sort of bittersweet for me because I love it. So come to the next slide. This was a very successful expansion. We’re approaching 3 million downloads. We’ve seen over 40 million flight sessions and because it’s a movie license, those things, unfortunately not endless. It’s going to leave the marketplace on [May 25th] so I don’t think many people have not downloaded this that are on this call, but, but, but if you want it, that would be a good time. because in about a month, it’s gone. Yeah.

[Jayne] So if they download it now, they’ll have it when it’s gone.

[Jorg] And I would, if there’s a Top Gun, I will show us, I’ll try to do something else again with those guys, but you know, they talk about it. So, so, so, but you know, we’ll see.

[Martial] So maybe we’ve got to be a little bit more clear. If you have downloaded it, you will keep it.

[Jorg] It’s not going to be deleted from your machine. That’s not even legal, right? But you can’t download it again, basically, is the problem. If you’re a new customer, you can’t download it again.

[Jayne] Okay. All right. Salute. It was great having it. And next, an announcement.


I would imagine the ‘hard assets’ they developed would just be absorbed into the game, utilized or otherwise. Wouldn’t be surprised if carriers are fully implemented into 2024, they did all the work… Probably would loose the missions. If they go the ‘Forza’ route, those of us who own FM7 can just download it and all the add-ons right back onto XB/PC, it is nowhere to be found in the store. It’s under ‘owned games’. They could go the route where it just stays in your content manager as installed/uninstalled.

Friday Marketplace Items are now added:


The Quality of new releases to the marketplace has plummeted lately, I guess everyone is waiting for MSFS 2024 now ?

Fully 45% of the new product backlog shown is ‘Mission’ or ‘Other’, meaning mostly VA Systems, South Oak and Dreamscenery shovelware. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes. I guess, we can expect 60 more SoFly / VA System scamspam-shovelware.


Thanks for the transcription but even with that answer, it’s still confusing, is it so difficult to say if it is kept in the content manager for existing clients or not?

A clear example:
[Jorg]: When the deadline arrives, unfortunately we will have to delete it from the store and the content manager, even if you already own it, if you delete it for any reason you lose it forever


[Jorg]: When the deadline arrives, unfortunately we will have to delete it from the store for new customers, but those who already have it will be able to continue using it as many times as they want and it will remain in the content manager even if you delete it for any reason.

I hate that they don’t speak clearly.

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Where are the release notes for the minor updates?

Most definitely. Why develop on one core when you’ll have 8-12 soon enough. Glad I got into PC so late as freeware keeps me well occupied

I have some experience, I believe that is not due the SU15 release, but still feels weird. I tried to flight from KATL and KFLL airport, but the RWY 26L and RWY 10L (respectively) on the take off roll up the aircraft crashed due collision with some object which the runaway is normally but crashes. Is this happening with someone else?

XBOX Series S

Why does iniBuilds waste everyone’s time, including their own and more importantly the Marketplace testing team’s, by making something like a flying F1 car in the form of this “Inir24”? Seriously, what’s the point? And why doesn’t Microsoft/Asobo have basic guidelines in place that prohibit the release of such items?

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“IniBuilds has released the iniR24 for MSFS, a state-of-the-art Formula 1 car that can be driven around the Yas Marina Circuit. Flight simming has now turned into a racing sim, so put on your gloves and get out on track with the new iniR24.“

It was an April Fools “thing” for free for PC users.