Maybe better ask for refund... !?

After trying to install the Flightsimulator, getting that annoying “insert disk” message, reading the forums up and down, tried every single trick etc etc, nothing seems to help. Deinstall, Reinstall, restart… nothing. Unfortunately there seems no “official” statement about when this issue (or that Issues) will be fixed (if ever). Their answer that it is fixed is wrong, because it is not.
I do not understand the way MS goes with this total lack of support. They took our money and the rest is up to us? I do not think that is the right way to treat customers. They are distributing a product wich is NOT working. I, as a customer, need not to have such deep computing skills to fix this problems instead of MS. I, as a customer, have the right to get a product wich is working from the beginning - because i paid for it.
That said, MS has NOT delivered a fully functional Product.
Due to this i am asking MS to get a refund and (maybe) going for the DVD-Version. I am really upset.



Restart your PC, take a deep breath and just try again. If you messed with your region settings, reset them to the correct values.

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Hmm. Yeah, the insert disk message seemed to be for those trying to pretend they were in another region. That is hardly Microsoft’s or Asobo’s fault if that is the case!


Sorry if this is the wrong place but would any of yous kind people know if there is a work around and or link for people like myself on windows 10 Insider Preview?

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“stop moaning”… “oh mine is working fine now”…“so if mine is working, there is no probleme guys be patient” LMAO. I installed the hole game 4 times, i read all threats about installation issues, restarted my pc 10times, fixed NAT issue, trying to disable windows defender, windows firewall. Tried to fix admnistrator issues, MS store issues…
The fact is that i paid 90 bucks to admire a stuck blue bar progress on the main menu… That’s not normal. If only they were few issues… but it seems that there is at least 10 to 20 different issues with installation and launching. For a AAA game/sim, it’s unacceptable, that’s all.


Hi, @Starwing2002.

I can confirm that the issue you describe is a known issue and the development team have been working to resolve it. They do, however, need more information from people who are affected by the fault to help them diagnose and repair the issue. (see below).

I saw a potential workaround earlier today that worked for some users, once I find it, I will reply to this thread with the relevant information.

Try this and see if it helps:

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This is one of the most ambitious next-gen games released in a very long time, cut them some slack. They are committed to MSFS for years to come and it will only get better. There are not many games (especially AAA titles) that have smooth day 1 releases.

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Erm calm down… you do realise the DVD version simply skips the need for launcher you’ll still need to download the content :joy:

I requested a refund from the Windows Store purchase I made and while that’s processing head over to Steam to try theirs. Froze at the blue bar, uninstalled, reinstalled and now it’s going ahead just fine with the download. Much further than I got with the Windows Store purchase. Sorry MS & Asobo, I wanted you guys to have all my money from that purchase but the Microsoft Store has always been terrible and continues to be so.

I figured that the Windows Store apps were being installed in a protected folder which Bitdefender was not allowing any internet access through it’s firewall. I couldn’t make an exception because Windows won’t let me access that folder. Tried everything, lost sleep, multiple reboots, installs, uninstalls and finally gave up and went over to Steam. Not 100% sure the Steam one will work either but so far it’s been a bit smoother.

It surprisingly was easier when we did the Alpha installs.

Same issue with BitDefender here too. Everything else installed on my computer is allowed through its firewall but Flight Simulator. Have to disable it to have any connection.

I don’t think that is the case. The launcher is not so big it needs 10 DVDs. And the article on the set says this - “The 10 DVDs include 90GB of Microsoft’s maps and other downloadable data, identical to what you’d download if you bought the game that way.”