Maybe the best patch so far(no joking)

I believe in this patch Microsoft and Asobo showed us the power that they have. Reworked TAA is BEAUTIFULL not even one edge,night light is fixed now except at some big cities that need more attention ,water reflections are back finally. I almost forgot the new landing event which is masterpiece.So far i did not experience any frame drops or shutters(high end pc) .KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK


Yes but new patch has plummeted my frame rates so for me it’s the worst patch so far

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Patch notes say that mods which haven’t been updated may cause significant performance issues - could that be your issue?

Helpful, not. Are you going to explain your comment or just leave it pointless?


I have one mod installed. I’ll try that

If that doesn’t work, check if any of the graphics improvements they added were turned on by default - granted, I don’t know what your rig is, but water reflections and TAA can definitely cause FPS to take a hit.

Deleted mods. Made no difference. FPS still tanked

I checked. Turned all off eg motion blur, rolling cache. Made no difference

It’s weird, when I look down at cockpit FPS jumps up to 40 but as soon as I look out the window screen at the front it plummets to 20

So for me FPS is the same, but it looks smoother, maybe due to motion blur (i like it too)

Holy hell, this is the nicest the sim has felt yet. 70fps over LA and smooth as butter.


working great for me as well. For those having issues; is NVidia control panel messing with your settings again maybe?

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I have to play at 70% render scaling and this update has made this game look so, so much better under TAA.

It’s so nice!

I agree, so cool the way they did this!

“Maybe the best patch” oh cause of visuals? Ur one of those guys maybe if they actually fixed the terrible AP And flight model


For the record, FlybyWire team have alreay fixed their A320 mod and it’s not even be a full day since the patch. They way they work on their plane is ABSOLUTELY incredible.


Flight model is pretty great on the planes I fly (mostly GA). Are you on the ‘modern’ flight model? or one of the legacy ones?

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Indeed this is the best patch ever i think, and even performance seems better, my game is running smoother than before, good job Asobo, we believe in you :smiley: , just keep improving this game and making as much realistic as you can


Can you clarify what settings you’re using? Are you doing 1440p? 4k?

I have zero issues with FPS or stuttering… Im not sold on the new night lighting, but also didn’t like the sepia mask either… but I 100% can’t stand the way photogrammetry looks in the US. Everything is melted or just triangles unless you’re literally flying over the top of it.

Modern I can tell they spent more time on the GA planes than the Airliners