MB-339 VR Performance?

Hi Guys!

How well does the MB-339 perform in VR compared to other EFIS aircraft?


I haven’t really flown any EFIS aircraft in VR mode, but the MB-339 is a blast to fly in VR. I don’t really feel any FPS loss with the MB-339 vs a Cessna 172.

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MB339 flys great on my computer with Valve Index.
I9 / 2080TI.

I just bought it! Yeah the Performance is very good! But the Stutters annoy me when i turn really fast. But i guess we all have it… This Sim needs optimization. Its a Jet so i instinctively wanna turn this Thing faster :smiley:

Runs fluid! Best immersive experience I’ve had. This is my go to aircraft when I take off and head above the alps. Morning mist above the alps is incredible. Words cannot describe. But it has jo screens and is the closest you’ll ever get to the real dea. Performance is very good no issues what so ever. Its fps friendly

Yeah it works well in VR. There’s no glass cockpit displays obviously so its not a big CPU guzzler. Sadly though, as others have said , it suffers from stutters, particularly at low level, for some of us anyway. It looks fantastic in VR though. You can really see all the attention to detail that went into the cockpit with all the worn buttons and surfaces.

Looking forward to DC Designs F-15, which I think is getting released tomorrow? Apparently it flies well in VR.

That Eurofighter Typhoon is terrible in VR from my experience. A combination on glass displays plus fast jet just means its a badly optimised mess. Even on flat screen there’s huge frame rate drops with it.

I concur - I tested it a day or so ago, flying over Iraklion, which is pretty densely populated and it was pretty good with Index, down to illegally low ‘altitudes’ (heights when it’s that low) where it started to struggle just a little - though take-off and landing were fine.

VC worked just fine, too. There was something about the model I didn’t like, but being an old duffer I can’t remember what is was now! :thinking:

One thing I did notice in VR, was the plane bouncing in turbulence, it shakes the images, wonder if people mistake that for stuttering, if you go outside the plane, it is not in surrounding picture, but if you look at plane its bouncing up and down… Think its their way of showing the plane getting turbulence, but its over exaggerating in VR sometimes… Found if I slow the plane a bit, it stops bouncing around…

I noticed this in 2D mode also, and was worried that it may make me sick while playing in VR, but so far it hasn’t. If it starts to get bad, I just switch to the external camera for a bit. I think it is just a characteristic of the plane and not anything to do with VR.

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