Meaning of word Translate

In the context of MSFS 2020 usage where did this word “Translate” come from when referring to views or physical movements? I have never seen this word used in this context in any other simulator and even when I google the word in the context of a view or a movement I could find no reference other than referring to languages which is not the context used in MSFS 2020. Because many of the MSFS2020 developers do not use english as their primary language could this actually be an error in translation (pun intended)?

This is in reference to user inputs being translated by the game engine into what appears actually in-game, which is correct contextually.

Thank you for the clarification. Maybe terms used should reflect common usage from a players point of view instead of what happens within the game engine because the people who read these terms are not actually in the game engine. Even in options when looking at the same “movement” in a context of up/down/left/right should be called the same instead of “Translate” for left/Right and “Decrease” for up/down. Anyway this is a very minor point of view given all the major problems already in line for improvement. Thanks again for your advice. PS: Why such an aggressive username “Angernerve”; it is a bit unnerving :smile:

you’re not alone. I had to use the trial-and-error method to understand the meaning of ‘Translate’

One of the definitions of ‘Translate’, according to is: “to bear, carry, or move from one place, position, etc., to another; transfer.”. So while the way the devs are using it might be technically correct, I agree it’s not end-user friendly at all.

That’s interesting. I thought that Asobo used the term to describe the movement along an axis instead of rotating.

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Maybe they should’ve used the word “transit” instead. At least it implies movement as is the actual effect when used in the cockpit (arrow keys) to move left or right.

‘Translation’ in this context (3d geometry) is mathematical terminology. It might perhaps be better to use a more commonly-understood word, but it is technically correct.

There are several places where MSFS uses words or phrases in a rather odd way - probably because English isn’t the developers’ first language.


This is how it’s typically used in the aerospace setting.

Spaceships using thrusters to move are “translating.”

Slewing your aircraft to a new position in the dev mode of the simulator is “translating.”

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Whichever way one explains it, it is not a common usage for flight simmers but maybe the topic can now be closed as the query has now been fully addressed and is attracting irrelevant comments.

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It’s technically correct in English and somewhat used in the industry (mostly related to space travel) although not common.

But it is in fact the correct French word to use: “translation” -> move from one place to another without rotation; “traduction” -> translate between languages
That’s probably got something to do with it

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To me it reflects how our lexicon has shifted from flight simulators to games. We no longer fly, but play the game. Now we spawn from place to place. And it’s now often referred to as “the title” instead of the sim.

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