[MegaThread] FS2020 Room Scale Adventure (share your videos only)!

I’m starting this mega thread for sharing room scale experience and ideas in FS2020, and I can’t wait to see what are your favorite advantures!

By “Room Scale” I mean physically standing up and walking around the room as-if you’d been in the real cockpit or wherever else in the FS2020 environment

More great adventures:

“The Pilot Needs a Nap”

“I Need to Talk to the Pilot!”

“Whew, That Was Close!”


I’ve been wanting to do this more (beyond the video I already posted of my stroll through (literally) the A320). Makes me wish I had more room and a wireless vr headset!

I think this aspect of VR is fascinating. We know we can fly the drone camera around, but walking there is way cooler in my mind.

I’ll try to do some today and post.

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With VR, we really need better cabins for us to walk about.
I just wander whether better rendering of cabins will significantly slow down the computer.

LOL. I just spent a bunch of time clearing all the space I could in my room, figuring out where to put chairs, and (mostly) where to walk in order to make a room scale VR “adventure”. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to show the thrill of moving in VR without doing a video. But it’s very very hard to do an interesting video when we’re under NDA and the only place I can post one is here, where we have a 5MB limit!!

So, here I present my real-life stroll in my virtual CJ4. The movie is called “The Pilot Needs a Nap”. :grin:

Oh, the reason the cabin is dark is that I wanted to fly past some snow-covered mountains, with a full moon, while looking out the window. The problem was I had to cut out all the “looking out the window” stuff, to make the file only 5MB! But, anyway, I had a darkened passenger cabin and CAN NOT for the life of me figure out how to turn on the CJ4 cabin lights. So, I used the pilot’s headlamp.

And, also, I can attest that the size scale is off quite a bit. If I stood on the virtual floor and stood upright at all, my head was right through the roof (which is a different room scale VR adventure). I had to really crouch over, which explains a bit of my grunting. And I did run right into a wall in real life just before sitting down in the virtual cabin. :grin:


Very atmospheric. Something is definitely going to jump out… :wink:

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With you wandering in the dark and the full moon, I was nearly expecting a Gremlin on the wing at the end :smiley:


to be fair, i don’t think you can stand up fully in the citation IRL, it’s not a very big plane…

I was (sorta) doing the same some time ago and i felt that if i didn’t stoop over i’d bonk my head

10/10 will virtually bonk my head on the bulkhead again


Here’s today’s Room Scale Adventure (RSA). :slight_smile:

I managed to not run into any walls IRL this time. That’s the advantage of a smaller virtual plane.

This one is in the TBM 930 (which DOES have a way to turn on the cabin lights from the cockpit) on a rough night flight. It’s called “I Need to Talk to the Pilot!”. :grinning:


“oh no!”

Awesome. Wish the interior cabin of a jetliner was modeled. I guess all we can hope for is a 3rd party plane with fully modeled interior. Honestly i do plan on paying for at least one nice payware plane so one can dream…

Now stick your head out the window in the next one!


This is really enticing to do more of these! What are you using to actually capture the footage?

I’ve kind of tuned the VR experience as best I can with my PC and Rift S, and I’m not sure our bug reports are going anywhere, so now I’m just trying to have fun. :slight_smile:

What I do to capture these is use the Xbox Game Bar (windows key + G). The shortcut to go directly to recording is windows key + alt + R. Then, if your headset mic is set as the system default input (which mine is when I’m in VR thanks to Oculus Tray Tool), when you enable to mic input on the recording widget that pops up, it records your mic audio on top of the game audio. If you don’t want any mic audio, you don’t need/want to enable the mic.

When you’ve gotten your desired footage, you can click the stop button on the recording widget (which is visible on your monitor but not in the recording) or you can use windows key + alt + R again to stop the recording.

Once you have the recording, the problem is that it is both eyes, side-by-side, and usually has a lot of swearing and muttering and failed parts (at least in my case). So, you need to at least edit it down and, ideally, crop out one of the eyes. Then, even harder, you have to figure out how to make it all fit in 5MB! That means 20-30 seconds at most and compression.

I use a freeware program called “Shotcut” to take the captured footage and edit it. I can just drag the footage into the program, use a source cropping tool to crop out one eye, cut it down to length, boost the audio if necessary, and then encode it into an .mp4 file, adjusting the compression to try to get it to be 5MB with somewhat OK quality.

Note that the hardest part of all that is probably the cropping and you may be able to do that while capturing, if you’re familiar with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). I think a lot of streamers use OBS because it is free and powerful. I use it to capture when I want to make a youtube video that has “live” picture-in-picture (like showing me driving IRL in a window on a first-person driving sim view). You MAY be able to tell OBS to just capture a part of the screen, so it is cropped as it captures. You can also tell OBS which audio sources you want to record, like the game audio and your headset mic. I don’t think OBS has editing capabilities, so you would still need to find a way to trim it to length. Maybe Windows Movie Maker could do that.

Seems like a lot of trouble for my 20 seconds silly videos, doesn’t it? LOL. But, hey, I figure now is the time to do these while it’s “just us” beta testers. But I have to figure out how to do something other than walking up/down the aisle of the cabins. :grin:

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Thank you for all the explanations! I didn’t think about the embedded WIN+G LOL. For editing I use Final Cut Studio but for these I believe Handbrake will suffice doing crop + encode in 1 pass.

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Y’all tired of these yet? :slight_smile:

Decided to venture out of the plane a bit. This one is called “Whew, That Was Close!” :grin:


LOL, you’re so creative!

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Well, I do crack myself up, that’s for sure. :slight_smile:

The stories behind making these videos are mostly funnier than the videos themselves! On this last one, I wanted to have a realistic look to stepping up on the the platform outside the cockpit and then stepping back down to the ground.

My “chair” I use for my computer and VR is actually a couch (or sofa or divan or davenport or chesterfield or whatever you call it in your part of the world). So, to get up out of the cockpit onto the platform, I stood up on the couch! Then the “big step down” was indeed a big step down IRL, as I stepped down off the couch! LOL. It’s pretty scary doing some of this stuff “blind” (with the headset on).

At the end, the “falling” part would have been better if I had gone out over the edge as I fell. I didn’t notice that until later. But, in real life I’m afraid of heights and, when doing the VR, I now realize that I couldn’t get myself to go over the edge – not even for dramatic effect! :grin:


HOW FUNNY/AWESOME I actually did that with one of my Videos! i like that it has a name! lol! WELL DONE.

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now just get into the a320, face the door, turn around like youre a flight attendant and be all like “alright Captain Johnson i’ve got your Chicken Parmesan-OH MY HEAVENS!!!”


I’m bumping this thread up, I hope some adventurous VR stunts will share their fun videos too!

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I stood outside the flightdeck of an a320, “leaned” against the bulkhead and vaped. There was a mixture of reactions among the passengers, including confusion and fear


I put episodes 1-3 up on YouTube :slight_smile:

MSFS 2020 Walking Around in VR, YouTube