Melted buildings, even after parking next to them Xbox

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Residential buildings in the region of Shooters Hill Road Blackheath London, are not changing from rough shapes to full structures. Appeared to be happening in the region also, eg strangely shaped streetlamps. I parked up in front the building expecting them to morph into correctly drawn building but didn’t. I took off again with the same Cessna 172 from London City Airport and found the same issues. Pluss floating solid ground near the road. I use the Bijan Autumn season, and forgot to try switching it off.

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Cessna 172. Clear skies. Real time day time. Park on main road between Greenwich park and Blackheath, South of the O2 /Millennium Dome

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Xbox joypad

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I suspect that there are some data server issues affecting the London area scenery.

I did a low and slow flight over the city and the buildings looked really bad. All ‘melted’ looking and didn’t really get much better no matter how many circuits I did. The only buildings which were ok were the POIs (Big Ben etc).
I cleared and reset the data cache but that made no difference.

I then dropped the aircraft over downtown New York to see if it was the same. But nope. NY was loading really well and looked fantastic.
It’s good to know my little XboxS can still handle the heavy duty areas well in SU9

Hopefully the London issues get resolved.

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Good to know it’s not just me. I’ll try again tomorrow as I’m not clear what the cause is eg is it server overload and at times of less demand does it display fine? Definitely spoils a low flight, after app we know what the Sim is capable of as in your comparison to New York. We need some parity of graphical performance with other iconic cities.

I had a similar issue yesterday when during the approach to Faro (Portugal) the whole shoreline including the city and surroundings of Albufeira looked sort of flatened down where it showed great scenery the time before.

Central London yesterday and came across this…

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Well, I don’t recognise those buildings. I mean I’ve not visited every part of London…but