Memory leak randomly happening

My contention is that Windows will NOT allow MSFS to fill all physical ram and it would be a major problem if it did.

Every application, process, thread, task, sub-task needs real memory to execute. NOTHING can run directly from virtual memory. Graphics cards have their own real memory (VRAM) to execute graphics instructions.

If MSFS did fill all physical ram then NOTHING else would be able to run, no programs, no services, no drivers, no nothing. Windows could NOT run to page real memory to virtual memory because Windows has to have real memory to execute the paging. A memory leak can consume a lot memory but Windows will automatically start pushing unused pages out to virtual memory long before real memory is totally consumed by a process. If Windows fails to manage real memory properly, it would be a HUGE problem for MS.

I would ask you for a screen capture of Task Manager showing MSFS or any other program using 100% real memory but there wouldn’t be any real memory to capture a screen shot.

Assuming they fixed it as they claim, it won’t be possible to reproduce the problem any longer.

Just had this happen twice over the weekend. I guess I jinxed it : /

One thing to note, is that both times it happened I was in the second flight. EG I took off from CYKZ, flew to CNT7, and then about 5 minutes after taking off again from CNT7, the game’s memory usage started to go crazy. I had Task Manager open on the second monitor watching it. Total ram usage was about 14GB physical, 24-25 committed the entire flight to CNT7. 5 min after taking off from CNT7 the ram usage started going up by 0.1GB every couple seconds until it was 16GB/16GB of physical memory and 32GB/32GB committed memory. At which point the game and windows explorer both froze. The game closed a couple seconds later and the windows explorer process was restarted.

I wonder if the issue is with re-loading scenery that has already been loaded in prior. Because from CYKZ to CNT7 it was all loading fresh, but once I took off from CNT7 and began flying back down the shoreline I had previously come up, is when the issue began.

Probably going to take out the G1000 and Bonanza improvement mods and see if it still happens. It could be something with those. I hope its not though since they really are required to have a good experience with the Bonanza.

yeah that is when normally hapens for me when i start another flight it is as if it still has the first flight loaded then the second

I had this happen after the USA update, while doing the East Coast tour. I had task manager in another monitor and was surprised to see the memory increasing, increasing, increasing… until the sim CTD. That was a first.

I’m over water currently, no land within 1000nm and I’m watching my Ram usage steadily clime, while my FPS slowly drops. I’m in the modded C700 with G3000 mod as well, so not sure if that’s a problem, however, I’ve flown multiple times with the same combo and don’t recall this happening - - especially over water. 18 GB ram - - oh wait, up to 19 GB now with no clouds and nothing but water below, LOL!

Im still having this issue, tried a japan flight after my ram upgrading from 16 to 32 and guess what, gradually after cruizing on japan beautiful updated scenery in the world update for 20 minutes my ram usage was 99% and the game was utilizing 28gb and the rest was for the system, fps dropped drastically from 35 to 5 and 8

And didn’t recover, right? Did it become so unusable that you had to exit MSFS?

i have the same issue my sim is using up 25 of 32GB ram

Are you by any chance running a virtual memory pagefile?

i think its default

Okay, well the reason I asked was that I had read an article touting the benefits of running a virtual memory pagefile and so I tried it and it caused a massive memory leak. I could literally see the memory being eaten up by the sim to the point that within about 20 minutes of flight time all 32 GB of my memory were being used by the sim (less a very small amount for Windows) and framerates dropped from 40 plus to single digits. Sorry, I’ve got nothing else for you.

Then how would you know if your post is wrong if no one makes a counter example.

Your post is worded as stating a fact and not just an opinion that something is wrong with the sim and not your system. So you can’t blame people for commenting against you.

There is a known issue with memory accumulation at increased Sim Rate. I have seen this myself and submitted a ZenDesk bug report but never heard anything back. This is not the multiplayer bug as I never fly multiplayer.

I had a similar issue today. Flying VFR flying rather low under a cloud layer and noticed my frame rate dropping to mid teens. Looked at my memory usage and it was up to 30 GB (out of 32)!

I changed to low end pre-set and flew and watched my memory drop to about 15 MB. I was able to reset to Ultra and continue my flight normal with rates 28-35 and memory never rose about 20GB.

I understand this is very unscientific, but I have personally seen memory leaks out of the context of the known multiplayer issue.

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Same issue at increased sim rate, after saving my position and restarting the sim the memory usage is cleared and goes back to flyable again

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I have seen markedly better memory usage since the last hot fix, even with increased sim rate.

This does need fixing

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Exactly - it needs a fix, not a workaround from the community.

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Are there any work around we can do

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Yea true it’s still in the game what a shame