Memory leak randomly happening

Can you please please pelase fix this annoying memory leak that is randomly happening with this sim. It randomly leaks memory and uses up all ram on your system. It is only this sim that does this and has happeend since the japan update.


What? when did memory leak start? lol i don’t have this problem.

just because you dont have it dont mean others dont plenty of posts on here about it. If you have nothing constructive to a post to add scroll past.


Why wouldn’t you add to one of the plenty of other posts then?


again nothing helpful to say scroll past reported as well.


I’ve only ever gotten it one time, oddly enough. Game froze, and the memory usage started going crazy and actually filled up all 16GB of physical memory plus the additional 16GB of virtual memory I have set, rapidly. I was barely able to get task manager open in time to save the system. The windows explorer process died and everything.

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Your post contains nothing helpful which can assist anyone in troubleshooting your issue.


take a look at your post above oh look someone else had it as well who commented and provided useful information something your 2 posts have not reported again.

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yup exact same here uses up to 16gb of ram and locks everything else up.

I’ve had this only two times and both times it happened whilst I was on the ground inputting a flight plan into the Caravan. And both times it happened when I was altering the flight plan that I had inputted.

At that stage I was using the default GarmIn but since using the working title mod I’ve never seen it again

The frustrating part is I had to close the whole game to get the memory released; not just that flight!

yup and it is a force close i have noticed.

So yes, bugs exist. What do you want the forum users to do?

If it’s already in the forum there is no need to create a thread again…

Just file a bug report in zendesk (with more information than your thread!) and wait until it is fixed.

This is an awesome technique of asking for help in a forum. :smiley:


You might want to try running Perfmon in the background to monitor memory usage for FlightSimulator.exe, looking at its working set over time.

Another counter to add would the the “Memory/Available MBytes” counter, which in theory should show a gradual decrease over time if you are correct.

The only known “leak” in the game comes from using AI traffic. It’s not random. It’s quite predictable and repeatable. It keeps adding more and more planes that are way out of your range and bogs down the system.

The easy solution for that is to switch to Real Time Online traffic instead of AI traffic. Problem solved as far as the end user is concerned.

Funny, because you have no issues posting that you don’t have the issue in someone else’s post asking for help, but take offense that someone has done it back to you.


This sounds more like a Windows 10 problem. Windows should be managing runaway processes including memory leaks. The Windows process scheduler normally does an okay job moving unused memory pages to virtual memory preventing real memory from filling up completely. Your system should have been unresponsive before real or virtual memory is filled because of the overhead Windows uses to move memory pages back and forth. Task Manager would have take a LONG time to open.

You may want to look at Explorer for possible memory leaks. A poorly crafted web page can wreak havoc on a system.

It has been recommended quite often not to run other applications when using MSFS. Explorer, backups, disk defrag, security scans, file indexing, enail all use valuable system resources needed by MSFS. I know that Windows is designed to run multiple programs at the same time. Just because it can do something doesn’t mean that you should.

It’s not a memory leak. When using AI traffic, it doesn’t clean up it’s garbage. When you get out of range of AI planes, they’re supposed to despawn. They don’t. So the longer you fly, the more traffic there is and the more CPU time and memory it takes up.

This isn’t a problem with real time traffic. It will show you up to (I think) 50 planes maximum within a certain range of you (100 miles I think). It despawns all other traffic. With AI, that doesn’t happen. The longer your flight, the more AI planes your computer is running (which takes more CPU than real time traffic), and the worse performance gets. After a 2 hour flight with AI, my frame rates are single digits and it’s unplayable.

It’s not a Windows problem. It’s an Asobo problem.


According to the patch notes, this issue has been fixed. AI aircraft should now properly despawn when out of range.

Let me clarify. Clearly there are MAJOR problems with MSFS, especially with its AI implementation that need to be fixed. The OP says that all of his real and virtual memory were completely filled. If that is true, then there is major problem with Windows. Windows and all operating systems should (and do) intervene to prevent any application from completely filling all memory crashing the system. If there wasn’t enough memory available for Task Manager or any other process, it wouldn’t be able to be started.

The only possible exception that I know of is if a user sets the priority of a process to “Real Time”. If that process is not coded correctly to operate real time, it could possibly block out Windows and other processes resulting in a completely crippled system.

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His exact quote is “uses up all ram on your system RAM”. He gave no other details beyond that.

I can back that up. Only when using AI traffic though. The longer you play, the more RAM gets used up until you fill up physical RAM (in my case, 32GB). Then it starts paging to virtual. But by then, the game is already single digit fps slow and unplayable.

The only time this ever happens is when AI traffic is in use. Now that Asobo have claimed to have fixed it in today’s patch, this should now be a non-issue.