Menu (ATC, Views etc) window popout's disappear

Hey All

I am seeing some strange behaviour that I wondered if anyone else is also seeing?

When using the menu on the top screen, ATC, Views etc and clicking on the button to pop them out of the screen, mine disappear rather than becoming windows that I can drag to the second monitor. I’ve tried Alt tabbing etc and can confirm they actually are disappearing. To get them back I need to click their respective button twice and they return.

Anyone else seen this or maybe have any thoughts to fix?



There is the solution :slight_smile:

No Handle Bar » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Hey, thanks but the mod doesn’t help with my issue.

I’m trying to move the ATC, View etc windows and drag them to another screen. Normally this is achieved by clicking the arrow button on the individual menu (as below)

however when I do this the item disappear and don’t ‘popout’ so I can drag them.

Ahhhh sorry my bad bro, i though you was talking about white bar dont disappear :slight_smile:

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No Probs :slight_smile:

It’s a strange one, no idea how to try and fix either.

For anyone else having this issue I have tried…

  • Removing all mods from Community Folder
  • Disabling V-sync
  • Trying windowed mode
  • Ensuring drivers up to date (Nvidia 471.96)
  • Scratching head
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They are also not behind the main mfs screen? I had one hiding there.

Alt+tab will not work as it will bring the mfs main window to front.

So if you minimise the sim, is the popout there on your desktop?
Edit: two of us had the same idea at the same time there.

Thanks All

I’m running the sim in full screen so can’t minimize it, however I tried ‘Alt+Enter’ to go to windowed mode and move/minimise the screen. No sign of the missing window sadly.

Did you have a multiscreen setup when popped out and removed the additional screen. If so, maybe the window coordinates are still wrong and it’s “placed” on the missing screen.

Hey, I’ve always had two screens on this machine, both the same. I’ve only recently noticed the issue.

Sadly neither of these worked for me.

There is definitely something strange happening here, no idea what though!

That’s weird, do you even see the ATC window in the taskbar?

It is strange.

I don’t see the window shown in the windows taskbar. The white menu at the top of the screen has the icon shown filled for the window that is supposed to be popped out so something is happening…

Clicking on the popout drops my frame rate by around 10fps according to the in sim frame rate monitor.

I think I may have seen similar when reconnecting monitors. It did indeed result in a pop out deciding that it was going to hide in a monitor location which no longer existed.

The monitor was physically there and connected but another monitor that I had used and my VR were not.

Despite the pop out never being used on those monitors Windows must have got confused and remapped something.

I basically needed to plug my smaller monitor into each gpu outlet until I found some desktop where stuff was hidden.

Have you tried the “reset panels” button in the settings for the handle bar panel?

Do you know where this sits? Had a look in the keyboard shortcuts but couldn’t see anything when searching for it?

From your own screenshot:

Ah got you!

This resets the eye position, when clicking the popout button (my initial circle, top right) the whole window disappears rather than becoming a window that I can drag to my second monitor.

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oh wait. you’re right. it has been a while i needed to do this :sweat_smile:

if you click the settings icon in the top bar (most right one), you can reset position of windows over there i believe


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