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I prefer to run MSFS in Full Screen - it’s a bit faster and more immersive, in my opinion.

But there is a bit of a problem. When you run in Full Screen, you lose all access to any apps as icons on your Windows desktop, Start Menu or Taskbar.

If, for example, I’m running MSFS and I would like to have a moving map that’s a bit better than the built-in VFR Map, I could start VFRMap and Chrome, or I could start FSTramp. Those apps are on my Desktop, but I can’t get to the Desktop without pausing the sim and going to Windowed Mode.

I have found one way to access my MSFS apps in mid-flight, even in Windowed Mode.

And I am wondering if you know of any other ways of accessing MSFS-associated programs from within MSFS?

My solution is an old, obscure Windows application, “Hidden Menu”. It can be popped up in a corner of the MSFS screen with a list of your favourite programs.,launch%20yourprograms%2C%20files%20and%20shortcuts.

But maybe you know a better way of launching companion apps for MSFS when in Windowed Mode?

You don’t actually have to stop the simulation: in windows 10 even in full screen mode by tapping the “windows” keyboard key, or alt-tab brings up any other application window, while the sim is running. Not perfect but you can look up a chart or a map in a window as long as you keep focus on that. Not perfect but …


If the companion app is already started, there’s no problem switching to it with Alt-Tab.

But how do you start the desired app from its icon if MSFS is running in Full Screen mode?

A pop-up menu is the answer - but most such menus have to be activated from the Start menu or the Task Bar. “Hidden Menu” pops up from the screen corner, even in Full Screen mode.

What I do is just tap the windows key and the task bar appears.

Then I normally ask for the desktop and there I put my links to any application. Once the application starts I can access it by alt tab.

The Windows key! Thank you!

I had never tried that. It gives access to the Start menu, the Search window and the Task Bar, so I can start any MSFS companion app.

I will still keep my “Hidden Menu” - it’s so much faster.

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Yeah, windows key and alt-tab are your friends.

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You can use little nav map on another computer and connect the app through the network. It works flawlessly. I understand you did not ask for this solution, but maybe the piece of information might be valuable for you.

Second monitor… problem solved.



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G Plan alpha for MSFS is already out I was using it today!

You need to be registered.

I use Grand Tour Flight Planner. Works flawlessly for VFR and is completely free.
Here’s a presentation video.

You can both flight plan and simconnect to MSFS2020,
Her’s a screenshot:

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Nice find, @DisposedSumo407! Thanks!

I use ctrl alt del go to task manager and task bar also appears.
thanks for posting the other options

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