Merrill Lynch-branded helipad in NJ

Hello - thought I might pass this along in case anyone is interested. There is a helipad in Princeton/Plainsboro, NJ that has the Merrill Lynch bull icon on it. You can see it on Google Maps (might have to zoom in a bit). I’m not sure how this renders in the game b/c I just found out about it, but thought it was kind of neat, especially since Merrill Lynch is no longer at that location (it’s now Novo Nordisk).

First question is, since Bing is what MFS is based on, is can you see it in Bing Maps? Why yes, yes you can.

Next question: can you see it in the World Map? Well, yes and no. You can see the helipad, but no detail:

How about if you fly over to it?

Well, I doubt if Merrill Lynch would want to use the shot in their advertising, but you can just make out the vague outline of its bull.

You can even land on it:

There you go. Always glad to help out a fellow simmer with a timely reply.


Thanks for the clarification, appreciate it! :grin:

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