METAR Availability

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I am flying online on VATSIM and I am using a lot the very useful METAR system from within the sim. However, what is the concept with asking for your destination METAR (which is there, because you have selected it from the flight planning facility before you load the flight) and you get the message “METAR NOT AVAILABLE”? You wish to plan your approach possibly 100-120 miles before your destination and you get the same message. To solve the problem, I get the weather via vpilot.

Still, the question remains: Why is the METAR not available at anytime?

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Second to that. Would be helpful to have it working.

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So I’m not the only one…must have broken after SU9?

It was never working for me.

It worked for me in SU8…I admit, infrequently.

Any update on this? I find it comical I can be 65 miles from LAX on approach, and hit the weather button, select LAX from the dropdown list and select LAX, and it tells me “no METAR available”. This happens all the time while flying in the USA (i cant imagine how bad it must be outside the USA). This sim is fantastic, but its been out for over 2 years and this item is not addressed? Navigraph has weather information, but sometimes i have noticed its not the same as MSFS2020 (when METARs are available closer to the airport…

I’m sure this item has been brought up plenty of times before, but it still amazes me there is no update…

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