Meteor Craters

Everybody knows the one in Arizona—it’s even been shown in trailers. But there are about 199 more, a fair few of which are visible and worth looking at in the game.

I recommend going to the Earth Impact Database and picking some that sound interesting:

Some of the ones I’ve been to and can recommend are:

  • Manicouagan, Quebec (show from space on the EID website): 51° 23’ N, 68° 42’ W
  • Siljan, Sweden (similar to Manicouagan but smaller): 61° 2’ N, 14° 52’ E
  • Wolfe Creek, Australia (small but new): 19° 10’ 19" S, 127° 47’ 44" E
  • Quarkziz, Algeria (too big to miss): 29° N, 7° 33’ W
  • Bosumtwi, Ghana (big lake): 6° 30’ N, 1° 25’ W

NOTE: Only a few meteor craters have airfields in or adjacent to them. Most of the time, you will have to create a custom waypoint at the Lat/Lon. You CAN start your flight there (set as departure) but then you miss the fun of navigating to that point and visually finding the thing (especially if it’s small). So I prefer to fly there, which usually means at least 15-20 miles 1-way (often much more in the Sahara). So, I’m going to talk about how to fly there.

Creating custom waypoints at specific Lat/Lons is trial and error as their is no Lat/Lon info displayed about where the cursor is. Also, the World Map is a bit blank when zoomed in. So the process I’ve developed goes like this:

  1. Use the map on the Earth Impact Database site to see where the crater is in general and any easily recognizable landmarks nearby.
  2. With the World Map still zoomed fairly far out, click in the crater’s general vicinity to create a custom spot there and then zoom in on it. Zoom in close enough and you might see some bush airstrip not too far away (except in the Sahara). But either way, click on the closest airport you can find to the thing and set it as your departure. If it’s the only airport around, also set it as your destination.
  3. Now click again in the general vicinity of the crater. You will now see the Lat/Lon of where you clicked. If it’s not within 1" of arc either way, click again to clear that spot then move the cursor in the required direction and click again. Compare the Lat/Lon to the crater’s. If it’s within 1" both way, good. If not, repeat this step.
  4. Once you have the custom spot in the right place, select ADD to put it in the flightplan.
  5. Fly.

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I updated the OP with some directions to help navigate to craters out in the boonies.

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