Metric Units in Instruments of External View

Hi all,

I expected in the Metric Unit fix from Update 4 that also the Instruments in the external view
will switch from Knots to Km/h and Feet to Meter and Feet/s to m/s. In the cockpit view the instruments can stay as the are, but in the external view it should not be too difficult to change the unit.
What is your opinion on this?



With all due respect, I personally do not see a need for this.

In aviation I have never seen speed reported in km/h (not saying it does not exist, only that I have never seen it) and I think that would look even weird to me.

I´m happy with fuel weight in Kg and pressure in hPa, that´s enough for me…

FYI, most single engined GA aircraft and gliders I’ve flown have the ASI in km/h and the v/s in m/s.

The same goes for various Soviet airliners.

Doesn’t even a default MSFS aircraft has an ASI in km/h?

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Thanks. I learnt something today.

But still looks odd to me…
Just a matter of habit.

I have flown glider planes and they used all metric units.
This is configurable and there is also a hybrid setting,
where the cockpit could stay in knts and feet.
I only wish to have the choice and this is really not a big effort to
convert it in the external view.