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Hello again - just a couple of general queries…I was going to include a question about the autopilot in the Daher TBM 930, but I found the answer in sim, and on the threads here afterwards!!

Questions about MFDs in aircraft such as the Longitude and Daher TMB 930…

  1. Is there any way to zoom in and out of the MFD that has the GPS track indicator. All the zoom wheels I have only zoom in and out of the inset window on the Left MFD…I’d like to expand my GPS route more than that which I can see on default.

  2. Really annoying this one - some MDFs simply don’t appear ‘on’ either when starting on the runway, or when doing a cold start. More times than most I do a cold start, flick the equivalent swith which brings on the Avionics, and more times than not there’s at least one MFD that doesn’t come on. Restart the flight, and it then all works fine. One time in say six or sever, it all works perfectly first time. Is this a known bug, or is it my system?

Thank you!!!

If you select the MFD button on the touch screen, the bottom knob becomes the zoom in / out for the map.

As for the blank screens, that’s a known issue with SU3 udpate. If you read the patch notes, it actually tells you if this happens, restart your flight.

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Thank you - I shall give it a go shortly!

Found it - works just fine - thanks so much for the heads-up.
Wouldn’t have found it otherwise!

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