MFD,PFD,ND, VFR Map Freeze

I think I may have discovered a major bug causing the freeze of various aircrafts guidance systems since the last patch.

I noticed this bug first when flying the 747, I noticed that my MFD had frozen and the map was not updating. When I went to use my VFR map as a backup it ALSO was frozen.

I got frustrated thinking this was a 747 problem so I went to learn to FBW A320NX and bam, it randomly happened again in 2 different flights, this time the ND (Navigation Display) AND VFR Map were frozen.

Taking to the forums I noticed a bunch of posts regarding PFD and MFD freezing on various aircrafts including the CJ4 with updated replies within the last 48 hours.

Is anyone else experiencing a failure in guidance tracking causing your PFD,MFD or ND to freeze and not display updated guidance information?

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I’m having the exactly same problem. It happens on almost every flight I tried since the last patch. Did anyone find a solution?

I don’t fly airliners, but I’ve had it happen with every G1000 / G3000 plane I’ve used so far since the patch. The only planes that I haven’t encountered this issue is the ones using the GNS530, and that’s likely due to the the fact the GNS mod pretty much replaces the majority of Asobo’s code.

Same here, full freeze on both mfd and pfd while loading an approach with the improved bonanza and wt g1000.

Is there a workaround I can try to insert an approach without freezing?

Hi guys, glad to see I’m not the only one. Did anyone see if they’re games VFR map also froze when experiencing this bug?

I noticed mine VFR map froze at least once. Other times it kept working after my PFD froze.

I have the same problem in mfd pfd g1000 g3000 and vfr map.:triumph:

My VFR map is freezing at the end of some flights. I will try to remove everything from the community folder to check if it happens even without any mod.

I have been having the whole sim freeze up while adding or removing waypoints or approaches in my flight plan, while using the TBM9. It sucks flying for 2 hours and then freeze up when in your decent.

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